Lumalight Advantages


Evolving times have their advantages.

Embarking on a self-discovery journey with Lumalight tools deepens one’s understanding of the aura, chakras, and meridians, focusing on the Qi energy light system. Are you ready to explore the mystical arts?

Discover ancient wisdom through your evolving uses of Lumalight.

Are you familiar with Reiki? Who uses this modality?

Here are a few advantages and features.


#1. Tap into the aura’s energies.

lumalight color therapy equipment

Lumalight users are independent spirits, serene, and reflective. They consider their penlight sets as an extension of their higher selves, often revisiting the fundamental principles of their practice.

Various modalities and principles, including the mystical aspects of light and sacred geometry, influence the suggested techniques.

Once you’re in sync with the penlight’s moves, focus on the symbols (geometries) meant to connect with higher wisdom. This penlight set is unique because of these light-generating patterns.

Just as no two situations are identical, each light-filled session is unique to you.

Enlighten yourself: Training in various formats.


#2. Pair color and geometry for use.


Lumalight tools offer a wide range of high-quality color filters and geometric light shapers. With over 70 clip-on components, the mix-and-match scenarios are limitless in practice.

By introducing this modality into your life, you are embracing the potential to encourage energy shifts in the aura. This work resembles a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, but instead of a paintbrush, painting a masterpiece using sunny hues in the aura.

Learn more: Lumalight shapes and symbols.


#3. Exclusive Lumalight packages.

There are three pre-set systems, with add-ons such as The color Therapy for Animals program.

  1. Lumalight Soular System
    – 21 clip-on attachments, training
  2. Lumalight Color & Geometry System
    – 47 clip-on attachments, training
  3. Lumalight Universal System
    – 70+ clip-on attachments, training
       The professional’s choice



#4. Lumalight for the mystical.

Canadian-made, ergonomically designed penlight sets featuring:

  • lumalight sacred geometry shapesPenlight emitter
    • sleek design, finger-hold detailing
    • superior quality plated finish
    • twist-turn on/off switch, incandescent light
    • AA Alkaline battery-operated
  • Clip-on attachments
    • solid and patterned filters
      – crystalline quality colors
    • geometry light shapers
  • Carrying cases
    • artisan-crafted oak box
    • zip-up case (lightweight, ballistic fabric)
  • Training

And there’s more …

  • The Spectrahue Academy of Higher Learning
    • 1:1 training & guidance
    • mentorship program

Lumalight packages are a Canadian-made product.


Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.