Lumalight Advantages


The Spectrahue Method Community.

Lumalight packages offer various training levels based on Spectrahue’s teachings. The primary focus is on the aura’s energy systems and universal light mysteries. Our personalized coaching is essential for higher learning.

Discover ancient wisdom through your evolving use of Lumalight.

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Here are a few advantages of this penlight set.


#1. Lumalight taps into the aura’s color energies.

conscious-change-chakrasThe Lumalight system is a versatile light set that offers more than chromotherapy. These tools are suitable for all levels of learning. They signify principles and concepts from various disciplines, including the mystical aspects of light, color psychology, and spiritual sciences.

As you improve your Lumalight skills, you uncover a world of symbolic shapes. These geometries act like markers in the aura that can enhance your intuition during a session.

As Lumalight users, you are part of a serene and reflective community of lightworkers. When in harmony, see the penlight actions guided by your higher self.

This modality is unique because of the geometry of light shapers.

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#2. Creatively attune to light language.


Lumalight sets include penlights, color filters, and geometry inserts in a carrying case. With over 70 clip-on pieces, you can create endless mix-and-match scenarios to express your creativity using color-light energy.

Imagine this work as similar to a modern Leonardo da Vinci, except instead of using a paintbrush to create a masterpiece with vibrant hues on a canvas, you are working with the aura’s energy field.

Just as no two situations are identical, each light-filled session is unique to you.

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#3. Exclusive Lumalight packages.

lumalight-componentsThere are three options with add-ons, such as the Color Therapy for Animals Program.

  1. Lumalight Soular System
    – 21 clip-on attachments, training
  2. Lumalight Color & Geometry System
    – 47 clip-on attachments, training
  3. Lumalight Universal System
    – 70+ clip-on attachments, training
       The professional’s choice

***Penlights only utilize an incandescent lamp source, providing a peaceful color-light-energy exchange within the aura. They are not laser or LED light emitters.

View video: Lumalight-in-action seen here.



#4. A Lumalight system is an artisan creation.

lumalight sacred geometry shapes

Canadian-made, ergonomically designed light sets featuring:

  • Penlight emitter
    • sleek design, finger-hold detailing
    • superior quality plated finish
    • twist-turn on/off switch, incandescent light
    • AA Alkaline battery-operated
  • Clip-on attachments
    • solid and patterned filters
      – crystalline quality colors
    • geometry light shapers
  • Carrying cases
    • artisan-crafted oak box
    • zip-up case (lightweight, ballistic fabric)
  • Training
    • self-paced programs (books, charts, card decks)
    • virtual classes
    • 1:1 coaching & guidance
    • mentorship program*
    • in-person workshops*
    • Conscious-Light consulting services*

* Add-on options for packages and self-discovery.


#5. Ready to learn The Spectrahue Method?

To start your journey of self-discovery with Lumalight, please contact us to request a discovery questionnaire. Ensuring this modality is right for you is essential, as all Lumalight packages include one-on-one coaching, and we have limited spots available.

Package options: Lumalight system and add-ons.


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