Lumalight Advantages


For over two decades, Spectrahue’s international public awareness campaigns and articles, participation at conferences and other events and the nationally certified training program have jointly attracted forward-thinking practitioners and home users alike. Lumalight tools and protocols created by Spectrahue are used in holistic wellness centers and spas across North America and beyond.

The Lumalight System is the choice of professionals. We offer various packages to meet your needs.




Lumalight light tools are of high quality, a level above other color light therapy emitters.

Exceptional Product Value

  1. lumalight-color-geometry-system-bLumalight Systems has over 64 color filters and sacred geometry inserts, allowing for unlimited combinations.
  2. Crystal quality filters deliver pure multi-chromatic energy that is safe to point towards acupuncture points, meridians and zones.
  3. Penlights have a sleek, ergonomic design with finger-hold detailing – important benefits when years of intense use are considered.
  4. Superior quality plated finish on penlights and their filter caps, made for use in specialty practices, protects both the product and the users and allows for easy cleaning.
  5. An integrated, smooth, noiseless on/off switch allows perfect calm to be preserved during sessions – a welcome advantage in spiritual healing.
  6. Penlights utilize a gentle, AA battery-operated, miniature incandescent bulbs (non LED light source).
  7. An artisan-crafted box, made of red oak, with a secure lock, is beautifully finished and, with proper care, stays resistant to wear & tear over many years.
  8. A lightweight zip-up travel case, made of ballistic fabric, is designed for the energy worker on the go.
  9. All Lumalight sets come with a comprehensive study program, consisting of the Energetically Correct DVD series and a selection of books from Golden Light Series.
  10. Exceptional customer support accompanies the purchase of a light set, educational materials or access to a nationally accredited certificate course.
  11. New innovative accessories are steadily being developed for users to explore.
  12. Professionally printed Lumalight brochures, with custom branding, are available to order, as educational and promotional materials for your clientèle.
  13. Each buyer of a Lumalight System from us automatically enters our Lumalight Loyalty Program. Details
  14. This non-invasive, non-medical, non-diagnostic tool carries no risk of claims.
  15. Proudly made in Canada.

Lumalight is equally beneficial and safe for use on animals.

Lumalight by Spectrahue™ is an unparalleled product, made and shared with quality, integrity and a unique educational program. It’s innovative and timeless, sturdy and flexible, complex and uncomplicated. It’s in a class of its own, and only available on our website.