Lumalight Advantages


For over two decades, Spectrahue’s international public awareness campaigns and articles, participation at conferences and other events and at our courses have jointly attracted forward-thinking professionals, color therapists and home users alike.

spectrahue-beautiful-rainbow2018 launched a colorful article series. Visit our Blog and find out about the meaning of each color, such as red, orange and yellow etc. Share this information with others to peak their curiosity of light’s mystical aspects and appeal.

Lumalight systems by Spectrahue is an unparalleled product, Canadian made and shared with quality, integrity and a unique educational program. It’s innovative and timeless with unlimited potential. It’s an all inclusive modality.

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Exceptional product value

Select from five Lumalight system packages:

  • Components: Total of 66 clip-on color & geometry pieces
    • 40 crystalline quality color filters
      – delivers multi-chromatic light energy
    • lumalight-geometry-set26 sacred geometry disc inserts
      – color light amplifiers
  • Penlights
    • sleek ergonomic design, finger-hold detailing for comfort
    • superior quality plated finish on penlights and filter caps
    • twist-turn on/off switch, miniature lamps (non LED light source)
    • AA battery-operated, easy assembly
  • Carrying Cases
    • artisan-crafted oak box, secure lock, beautifully finished
    • lightweight zip-up travel case made of ballistic fabric
  • Spectrahue Education
  • Lumalight Care

And there’s more …

  • Upgrade your light set to a higher package level
  • Educational and promotional brochures can be custom ordered

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