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Sacred Geometry in a Spiritual Practice

We live in a world powered by the sun and the moon. Day or night, its source is all energy. Sunlight is also put to use to take on the design of geometrical shapes that exist in thin air as the rays pass through it on their way here. This enlightening act brings everything to life.

A snowflake, raindrop and all of nature are pattern-generated.

Geometry makes this world so moving and orderly.

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A Sun Focused World


Without a doubt, the sun gives us our life nurturing colors with every breath we take. In fact the impact of solar light upon an object is what makes things appear before us. Really, without light all of nature would be in the dark.

Now picture our world, which is made up in part by these crystallized photons – packets of light formed into shapes – the structure and building blocks of everything known, yet to be discovered.

For example let’s look at the fibonacci spiral. This golden radio is seen in flowers, pine combs, and seashells. In fact all galaxies follow it’s path too.

This is an important geometry in The Spectrahue Method.

The more you get used to the idea of geometric patterning, the more shapes you will see in everything around you. It’s as if the patterns coax us toward the legacy of the eternal beauty and order of the universe.

Simply put: geometries are designs made up of lines and figures – such as circles, triangles, squares and stars, as well as infinite and unique configurations of ratios plotted out, grid-like.

Now, keep in mind there’s nothing new under the sun. So it stands to reason, all patterning has an influence on our mind, which in turn, influence architecture, art, science and anything else we can think of.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings.

There is music in the spacing of the spheres.

Pythagoras (c. 572 B.C. – 497 B.C.)

Quoted in Aristotle’s Metaphysics

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The Spectrahue Method

vibration and thought geometry training bookThis color light therapy modality uses geometry designs in its light therapy system (see below). As mentioned above, it applies the same theory of pairing light and form, where ‘form’ is a geometrical shape produced as a type of disc that can be combined with the color filters, such as red, blue and green.

The following book provides an in-depth look into the geometry inserts, their symbolic imagery and potential. It’s part of the Golden Light Series, which consists of five books on Lumalight studies.

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All is Vibration

Above all, everything is energy in different forms, from a rock to a tree to living beings. In a mysterious way, energy is also information – universal knowledge and wisdom. It’s a sort of cosmic algorithm, which can respond to you during energywork.

Lumalight penlights act as a translator of inner awareness that has no boundaries. For example, when a certain light is cast upon the aura, it’s a wake-up call – hopefully a call to action.

  • Its purpose is to address energy stagnation that impede the meridians natural flow.
  • By shining upon the energy field, one goal is to feel whole again; another may be to support you on a quest, or help your meditative practice of reflection.
  • Given the right cue, light somehow has its own way of listening to you and takes the chance to respond accordingly. This is what I call the language of light. A vocabulary that – once recalled – can help us on our path.

In time, you’ll time in to the subtlety of your inner voice as a call for guidance as this takes practice. Your higher self, alongside your intuitive knowing and wisdom, knows where it is and knows the timing to access it.

Think of the aura as an intelligent energy field, with a higher mind of its own.

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Design Creations

The building blocks in our lives are nature’s patterns and are known as the Platonic shapes, or polyhedrons. The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, believed these forms were the basic components of the universe.

The Spectrahue Method uses these designs in its own unique way. We believe each patterning is its own creative force. There is much more to discover about them. For simplicity’s sake, I have termed the remaining designs in the series: cosmic geometry. Each of these intrinsic shapes has a unique use separate from the Platonic polyhedrons.

I believe each holds organized universal principles and has a consciousness of its own when broadcast with color into the field.

lumalight sacred geometry shapesLumalight geometries include:

Foundation Inserts:

Fibonacci Spiral, Infinity, Infinity Reversed, Sphere

Platonic Shapes

Icosahedron, Octahedron, Star Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron

Cosmic Shapes

Pyramid, 4-PT Star, 5-PT Star, 7-PT Star, 9-PT Star, Moon Phases, Focus Point

Micro Cosmos, Ascension, Conception, Flower of Life, Form A & B, OM, Expansion

*Advanced Series:

  • Metatron’s Cube Set
  • Sero-Disks
  • Forever Diamond

The goal is to access higher consciousness to support you and inspire the right call to action. It’s about the right resonance, too.

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