Color: Awakening the Child Within

From a memorable vision, Julianne wrote this fantastical story of creation. It is a space odyssey of the journey of 7 colorful discoverers on a unforgettable adventure of time. This book invites the reader to see life in a whole new perspective, here the sun never sets, and the writer’s perception of creation is projected through the seven colorful Pioneers.

Discover the odyssey of the cosmic masquerade in poetry, rhyme and color. You are provided with a window of opportunity to find hidden truths through the mystical ways of the children of the multi-universe and the magical ways of the pioneers.

“It’s a heartfelt space adventure that changed my view of life.” – Jo-Ann

Discover the odyssey of the cosmic masquerade in poetry, rhyme and color.

This novel is a fantastical space adventure for the child within.

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Book Review

David Gersovitz, Canada
New Life Magazine, New York 2006

color-awakening-the-child-withinWhat if Big Bang wasn’t the Big Beginning it’s cracked up to be?

What if it is only an educated guess by a number of linear thinkers in the scientific community, holding equal but no greater credence in our inter-connecting web of global belief systems than the theological descriptions of myriad religions?

Alright. Answer this?

If the Big Bang was an explosion of matter, who made the matter? And if it was God who made matter, who created the Creator? As existential questions go, these are the ones so far out there that even Einstein and a Pope won’t touch them.

Author Julianne Bien, who has developed the theory of Color Harmonics, would say that’s linear thinking, and despite our earthly life and death, we’re not linear beings whose existence is limited to our physical life. Yet we try to interpret life in linear three-dimensional terms. Square peg into round hole.

She would tell us to stop and think multi-dimensionally, that the world is really a multiverse with seven dimensions, and that beginning and end of time doesn’t function as a linear experience, and anyone’s concept of pre-Creation is just as valid as anyone else’s, particularly if you try to see Existence in non-conventional terms – perhaps time is circular, not linear. We could be living in a totally different type of space-time continuum.

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At this point, Bien would also say, STOP!

If you want a philosophical treatise on color harmonics, the science behind color energy, the nature of our multiverse, read her previous book, Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks.

This 2006 book, Color: Awakening the Child Within, isn’t nearly as serious.

aura-glowIt won’t answer the question of pre-Creation, but invites and tempts you to push the boundaries of linear thinking and perhaps come up with your own answer. Using fantasy characters who in reality are solar radiation and the atomic building blocks of all life to tell the story, Bien takes her readers on a fantastical roller coaster ride about the stars and planets, exploring the odyssey of what she calls the cosmic masquerade and its hidden messages.

The story has many layers, all of which are examined through a universal mirror, or stargate, where the characters popped through exploring simultaneous realities.

Bien created this fun-packed story to share her view of Creation, how color light creates the foundation of our inner and outer worlds and fires up our communicative abilities expressed through our six senses!

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This is meant to challenge the reader’s intellect, belief systems and purpose of our existence on Earth – Is this reality or perhaps, an illusion we project outward from our minds? Are we living the infancy of humanity or near the end-of-times.

The book’s narrator is the ancient-of-ancients GrandPa GammaRay, a beam of radiation from Salunken our Sun. He is known as GrandPa to the Children of the Multiverse – his audience for the story of colorization. These are your atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, etc, who have a cartoon-like quirkiness with distinctive personalities.

They gather round GrandPa to hear how seven galactic Pioneers – seven unique color-infused beings – arrived on Earth and colorized our world. Each is a caricature of the seven colors in our rainbow. In fact, they reside in every cell of the human body! Each of the Pioneers reflects the qualities we intuitively associate with particular colors but don’t really understand: Red- moving; blue- calming; green- balancing… You get the idea.

Collectively, they romp through the Multiverse until a cosmic cataclysmic event – the ultimate hangover from a little too much intergalactic partying – casts them upon the Earth, whereby they discover this wondrous new planet and help the first Human on Earth take its first breath.

Color: Awakening the Child Within conveys not only a sense of a whimsical adventure, powerfully charged emotions, but instills a passion within the reader to turn inward and discover who they are, instead of who they think they are.

About the author

Bien is skilled at carrying one deep into their darkest caverns of their psyche with light while she opens the gates to expand consciousness with broader themes of her theories of the language of light. Readers drawn to sci fi, trekky, biblical fiction and metaphysics will find plenty of fascinating subplots and humorous undertones embedded ‘between the lines’ of this unique exploration.

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