Zeetumah: Queen of the Rainbow Honeybees

Ancient writings and carvings show how honeybees have been honored in all cultures for thousands of years. They are the busy-bee heroes of our food chain, the architects of our vibrant floral landscapes, and more.

This story tells of an earthly journey from the honeybee’s origin.

Ever wondered about the various species of honeybees?

Learn more about the seven colors in the light spectrum.



A mysterious tale about honeybees.

ZeetumahHidden within the vast universe is a honeycomb mansion, the home of celestial honeybees. Here, a majestic Queen, Zeetumah, reigns over a galaxy adorned with blooming planets. This breathtaking sight fills the heart with awe and admiration.

Meet Zeetumah, a bee child with a unique gift-rainbow antennae. These antennae are not just for show; they are a sign of her destiny to be the next Queen of the galactic honeybees. Her beehood training prepares her for a dangerous journey, a journey that will pique your curiosity.

Sacred to these pollinators is an ancient amulet. This rare sun diamond holds the secret teachings of honeybees and Nature. This amulet passed down to Zeetumah symbolizes her destiny and a responsibility destined to carry on their legacy.

Confident with her new knowledge, Queen Zeetumah embarks on a thrilling adventure across space to fulfill her destiny. Leading her courageous team, she sets out to revive a planet back to its former glory.

Honeybee folklore speaks of this place fated for her rainbow children. Zeetumah passes on her gift in this place, so their legacy can continue in a distant world.

Somewhere in this galaxy is an amulet

that holds the secret teachings of honeybees and Nature.

Honeybee folklore speaks of a wise Queen Takahone

who passed on her legacy to her great-granddaughter, Zeetumah.

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Fantasy Fiction

5.25″ x 8″ paperback, 48 pages.

Illustrations by Gary Wein, Canada.

Paperback: ISBN 978-1-987956-06-1

© 2018 Julianne Bien. All rights reserved. Spectrahue Light & Sound Inc., Canada

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