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Insight, the third eye in Indigo

Night sky is the indigo blue backdrop for the bright stars that draw our eyes to the heavens inviting us to imagine distant worlds not yet seen by humans. When daylight returns and the stellar displays have disappeared against sky blue we know they are still there, just hidden.

Consciousness works a bit like this.

lumalight color chakra systemWhereas sky blue represents the raising of full waking consciousness that is influenced by the powerful shrouded subconscious, indigo, the deeper sapphire or ultramarine blue approaching the color violet, is associated with an even higher level of awareness that comes from the faith that things exist that we cannot perceive directly.

Sometimes how we look at things influences how they appear to us. Nature has disappearing acts that, like the night sky, remind us that while we can’t see something it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The crystalline structures within the cells that cover some creatures behold secret methods of communication based on how their angles reflect light.

How does color therapy work?

Indigo at sea, on land

In the marine world there is Sapphirina, the sea sapphire copepod, whose apparent acts of teleportation would rival Houdini’s famous stage shows. Its exterior crystalline scales are positioned to reflect light in such a way as to render it translucent. While the females always appear invisible the males have additional scale positions that reflect other colors from brilliant indigo to shining gold. As they move through the water they seem to flash in and out of existence, disappearing then reappearing a little further away.

Peafowl, birds related pheasants, are also fascinating creatures. Whereas the female peahens are somewhat drab in color, the male peacock’s magnificent trailing plumage is structured with crystalline scales that reflect light in glorious colors. Its fanned-out hundred feather tail is emblazoned with indigo eye images.

TPeacockhis startling display might infer a multitude of birds in a dense green brush of which this bird is the dominant one, warning off predators and enticing potential mates. It has recently been discovered that the rustling of peacock tail feathers is inaudible to humans but can be heard by other birds. So even if its iridescent tail is not within visual range the peacock can send secret alluring or warning messages.

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Indigo flora everywhere

Indigo is named after the dark blue dye derived from several species of flowering plants in the indigofera genus belonging to the pea family. It has been the most popular dye color throughout history, but it has an ethereal quality. Our favorite blue jeans, a fashion staple that has stood the test of time, invoke nostalgia long after their dark indigo dye has faded.

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Here and beyond

Throughout European history indigo dye was reserved for the rich and royal due to its local rarity and the cost of importing it from the east. And due to its tendency to fade anyone wearing clothing or decorating with deep blue would imply wealth as faded items could afford to be replaced. This association with prosperity continues today in corporate branding. Investment firms, insurance companies, banks, credit card companies, computer firms, and social media sites use indigo blue to distinguish themselves as confident, dependable, strong, trustworthy, and filled with valuable insights. Tailors still offer the navy blue pinstriped suit for making an “all business” impression.

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