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Insight, The third eye in Indigo

The night sky is a deep indigo blue backdrop for the bright stars. It captures our attention and draws our gaze toward the heavens. As the sun departs and the moon arrives, we are inspired to dream of starry, faraway places and possibilities.

The Golden Light series describes the Indigo Blue Ray.

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When daylight returns, the stars have vanished into the sky-blue canvas, hidden until nightfall.

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#1. Indigo has a strong hold on us.

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Let’s explore the darker shades of the blue zone of the seven-ray spectrum, where higher wisdom and a deeper understanding of spiritual truths reside.

Our previous article discussed Sky Blue as essential for revealing insights into the power of the rainbow–a symbol of hope and transformation.

Indigo, a hue between blue and violet, is not just a color. Moreover, it’s a spiritual journey waiting to be embarked upon. It holds the key to unveiling universal mysteries about life, and its light vibrations act as a spiritual portal, inspiring us to investigate higher callings in the right light.

For instance, in mystical symbolism, the color indigo is associated with the third eye chakra. This spiritual energy point guides our intuition into the present, hinting at the vast depths of higher understanding.

During certain meditative practices, indigo light is a portal to a belief in the existence of things we cannot perceive directly. This concept, rooted in esoteric (mystical) philosophy, is at the heart of The Spectrahue Method, a spiritual approach to light therapy.

It’s about becoming one and accessing our higher senses.

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#2. Indigo at sea, on land, and in the air.


Our perception of the world around us is fascinating. Moreover, nature reminds us that just because we can’t fully grasp Sky Blue’s disappearing act at sunset doesn’t mean it still isn’t there.

Consider the unique adaptations of certain species. Some, like the sea sapphire copepod and Sapphirina, have crystal-like structures that reflect blue light, a rare and fascinating sight in the animal kingdom.

Moreover, in the vast marine realm, we encounter these Indigo-hued creatures whose ability to seemingly teleport would rival even Houdini’s most astounding tricks.

Now, let’s focus on the males of these species. They possess additional scale positions that reflect a stunning array of colors, from brilliant Indigo to shining gold. As they navigate their environment or display their plumage, they flash in and out of existence, a mesmerizing and fascinating sight.

Peafowls, birds-related pheasants, are also remarkable creatures. Whereas the female peahens are somewhat vividly drab, the male peacock’s magnificent trailing plumage has crystalline scales that reflect light in glorious colors.

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#3. Indigo, beyond nature’s flora and fauna.

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The ancient civilizations, myths, and folklore depicted the seven rays, including Indigo, as spiritual forces. These rays, often associated with mixed colors, are believed to represent aspects of spiritual energy and influence our lives.

Furthermore, the term “Indigo” originated from deep blue dye derived from various flowering plants in the past, and the naming process now evokes a feeling of a blue shade in our minds.

Dark blue dyes, with their rich and enduring hues, have a profound place in history. They symbolize strength and authority, connecting us to our past and cultural heritage.

For instance, Indigo has had a lasting impact on our fashion choices. Now, this includes the timeless appeal of blue jeans, which convey a sense of prestige and value. Understanding indigo’s historical and cultural significance can deepen our appreciation for this color.

What Indigo says to the observer who steps into its energy aura is power. Simply put, “I know who I am.”

Unsurprisingly, indigo dye was once only available to the rich and royal throughout Europe due to its local rarity and the cost of importing it from the East.

Blue jeans are a timeless fashion statement with enduring appeal.

Deep blue clothing and accessories are also a symbol of wealth.



#4. Indigo transforms with deep meaning.


In its various tones, Indigo is a nod to tradition, evoking feelings of confidence and suggesting valuable insights into corporate branding, for example.

For instance, the navy blue pinstriped suit remains popular in the fashion industry due to the influence of color psychology, which examines how colors affect our emotions, perceptions, and behaviors. It continues to have a strong impact, inspiring designers and marketers with its enduring appeal and meaningful purposes.

To sum up, Indigo, like sunlight, holds many secrets and has much to reveal to those who can tap into its essence. The book Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks explains the mystical properties of colored light, including Indigo, and its practical uses in various spiritual and holistic practices. It is part of the educational materials of The Spectrahue Method.

This journey has more colors; the next is the Violet Ray.

Open your closets and delve deeply into the meaning of color.

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