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Captivating Red on the Rainbow Journey

We make the first stop on our journey through the rainbow spectrum with a focus on the boldest, most mesmerizing of the seven major colors visible to the naked human eye – red! Part of red’s power comes from the ambiguity of its extreme alerts. Sometimes it indicates a warning, other times it tantalizes with attraction.

Certain shades of red influence our most basic instincts.

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An Enlivening Vibration

Luminous sunrise

Flowers and fall leaves change their displays with the seasons, with the brilliant red leaves of fall that signal winter’s imminence.

For instance, the beauty industry has even adopted nature’s tricks for drawing attention to the human face through red lipsticks and cheek blushes.

But, it’s almost impossible to ignore red in its various shades and hues as it creates a physiological response when we are exposed to it. Blood pressure and respiration can increase and brain activity can fire up.

The human experience with red is primal.

While our internal clocks have been derailed by the proliferation of artificial light our DNA recalls our cave-dwelling ancestors who thrived on and were energized by the fiery oranges, yellows, and reds of the morning sun.

  • Hunters and warriors killed and died by the spilling of red blood.
  • Food was cooked and bodies warmed by the flaming red embers of campfires.
  • Art was expressed on cave walls with black charcoal and red ochre from clay.

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Seeing Red

spectrahue-universal-card-deck-storeNature too has much to teach us about the language of colors. As we study the magnificent displays of flora and fauna we continue to demystify color’s power. For instance, the little tree frog’s green skin easily blends in with its lush surroundings yet its eyes are a menacing red (pictured above).

In addition, many creatures invoke the power of red to issue warnings to potential predators or to distract them and catch them off guard. Red’s also a color of attraction as seen in the displays of the female rhesus monkey’s signature scarlet bottom and the reddish-orange breast of the male robin.

Plants display colors to indicate safety or danger for eating.

Evolution has taught us by trial and error which signals to trust.

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Whirling World of Lights

ChakrasAfter a spring shower, the luminous red band is on the top of the rainbow arc (see image above), while the violet is last on the underside. It’s interesting to note that the rainbow colors reflect upon the chakras in reverse order. As this old Hermetic saying goes: As above so below.

Needless to say, the seven spectral colors are associated with the seven main chakras positioned along the body. They are a powerful resource to our existence, yet invisible to the human eye. They reside in the aura along with the meridian system. Now, imagine these chakras as invisible spinning energy vortices which are said to influence bodily functions.

For example, red is associated with the root chakra:

  • located at the base of the spine
  • symbolizes survival and grounding
  • receives nourishment from earth’s core and atmosphere

Next to red but outside the visible spectrum is the infrared frequency. While we can’t see it we can feel its heat as it is applied to warm and heal sore muscles and joints. We don’t have to see light with our eyes to experience its powerful effects on our body and spirit.

Color light has been used as a therapy throughout the ages.

Daily exposure to natural light supports wellbeing.

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