Spiritual Light Therapy


A Luminous World Called Home

Not only do we live in a chromatic world but in remarkable times. Scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary discoveries are occurring at the speed of light. Above all, we’ve kept pace with our illumined mind, body and soul matrix; thanks to the sun’s downpour of photons (and atoms!) into our atmosphere.

Spiritual light therapy underlies all modalities that tap into Qi or Prana life force energy.

The following points introduce its essence for a Lumalight practice.

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#1. Light Photon Awareness

color nature fieldLet’s start by shedding light on photons. Created by atoms, they are particles of light streaming continuously from the sun. Rapidly heading in our direction – day and night – moonlight is from the sun’s reflection on our planet’s only natural satellite.

In addition, photons are packed with a life–giving source while transmitting sunshine our way. This aspect of the sun’s radiation is perceived as polychromatic energy. For example, this energy is instrumental in the coloration of nature.

Naturally, all rainbow hue variations – and there are millions of them – deliver nutrients that we absorb, process and utilize daily. Now, let’s take this one step further: photons are also vibrational carriers of universal information from everywhere, influencing our aura.

In other words, color light is life–giving energy delivered to us in the seven rays.

It stands to reason why chromotherapy has had such a long history on earth.

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#2. Energy Anatomy’s Biofeedback

lumalight color chakra system

By using non-touch colorwork, learn to sensitize yourself to the biofeedback messages from your client’s energy fields. Your response is intuitive as you alter your protocol.

Collectively, these fields are called the aura which contains the meridians, chakras and acupuncture point systems. Each of these functions influence us on all levels. In addition, animal species have similar energy systems.

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The Spectrahue Method focuses on addressing energy imbalances in the field as we are first and foremost beings of light. This is why Lumalight is a perfect adjunct to touch modalities, such as acupressure, reflexology, and bodywork.

We offer oodles of protocols and tips in our DVD training: Energetically Correct Series

This ancient wisdom supports the process of creating conscious change.

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#3. A Universal Language

Lumalight color therapy meaning and usesWe believe light as a language has a direct line to higher consciousness, which we wrote about in the Golden Light Series.

Equally important, this educational program is geared toward all holistic practices. Its original protocols, exercises and meditations can help you strengthen your healing and intuitive skills.

Spiritual intuition is in all of us; we just have to master accessing and applying its guidance.

We all know it takes practice and commitment to evolve in a practice.

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#4. Unlocking the Power of Consciousness

In conclusion, light is a mystical field around us. It’s also a mysterious substance that inspired the creation of this modality. What we call consciousness or the mind, interacts and converses through this universal energy.

The sun’s streaming of photons are in every breath we take, bringing to life the world around us. Energetically on-the-move, their organized patterns of geometrical shapes also make us think…act…feel…dream…aspire in becoming…

This luminous journey of self discovery can enhance your spiritual lifestyle too.

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Important note: Lumalight use is non medical, non diagnostic, non LED laser, and does not touch the body, making it the ideal choice for spiritual and holistic practices, meditation and retreat centers.

Lumalight packages are a limited edition, Canadian product

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.