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Lumalight Colorful Worlds

Not only do we live in a chromatic world but in remarkable times. Scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary discoveries are occurring at the speed of light. And to keep up with the momentum we need a balanced lifestyle with a healthy intake of water, air, food and light, with its colorful packets of energy.

We all process this energy on many levels, that’s part of life.

spectrahue-spiritual-reflexology-lightEvery thought we think is a form of this energy. However if there’s an imbalance our emotions can spiral into unresolved turmoil. Meditation, inner reflection and self care is  important for a proactive lifestyle. This can also include spiritual light therapy, which is what Lumalight is all about: Discovering who you are and your potentials.

The Journey Within

In essence, we are beings of light and need to keep our energy flowing freely for vitality and a positive outlook on life. We can nurture and support this natural process.

The use of color as a natural property of sunlight has entered the mainstream of alternative thinking, just as the Chinese art of acupuncture did many decades ago. Like acupuncture, color light applications are based on universal principles and point locations on the meridians used since ancient times.

Lumalights can support your process during meditation and spiritual journeys

Light Language

There are millions of color hues that provide the coloration of our world even our thoughts and dreams. We call color “the language of light”. See its hues as the A, B, C’s, Doh, Re, Mi’s of language, music and nature around us.

It may also hold the secrets to accessing universal knowledge that exists within all of us. We just have to recognize it, then unlock the doors—with light.

Spiritual Use

In a trained hand, using Lumalight can be used for sacred journeying in shamanic practices, spiritual development and meditation.

Ready to begin your journey into the world of color?

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Discover secrets of rainbow colors in our lives.

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