Spiritual Light Therapy


A luminous world called home

Not only do we live in a chromatic world but in remarkable times. Scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary discoveries are occurring at the speed of light. We’ve kept pace with our illumined mind, body and soul matrix; thanks to the sun’s downpour of photons (and atoms!) into our atmosphere.

Lightning–fast action

lumalight color chakra system

Light photons are charged particles with a life–giving source. It is perceived by us as polychromatic light that is a form of energy. Its hue variations have nutrients that we absorb, process and utilize daily. For centuries, specific colors have been used for their therapeutic benefits, such as wavelengths of red, blue and green. Maybe the whole visible spectrum has spiritual effects too!

Light language

We believe light is a language of our higher consciousness. Spiritual light therapy can help you exercise your extrasensory abilities. Once you attune to this ancient form of communicating, you’ll begin to perceive energy fields. These gifts are within all of us, but it’s up to you to access them.

By using non-touch energy work in your practice, set intent to rebalance a person’s energy matrix: meridians, chakras, grids. There are oodles of protocols and “light tips” in our DVD training: Energetically Correct Series

This ancient wisdom supports the process of creating conscious change.

Unlocking the power of consciousness

Light is a mystical field around us. It’s a mysterious substance that inspired the creation of this modality. Light and what we call “consciousness of the mind” contains atoms from the universe. Their presence makes up the elements in Nature. In fact, all living beings contain trillions of them and are in every breath we take.

There’s no escaping their organized patterns and ways that make us think…act…feel…dream…aspire in becoming… These creative occupants are constantly on-the-go in the aura. In the right light, this bioenergy field can access memories and knowledge.

This luminous journey can enhance your spiritual lifestyle.

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