Spiritual Light Therapy


Lumalight Colorful Worlds

spectrahue-spiritual-light-therapyNot only do we live in a chromatic world but in remarkable times. In this century medical science breakthroughs are occurring at the speed of light. We are physical beings and need water, air, food and energy to survive. Color is also a form of energy.

How we process this energy on an emotional level can lead to a myriad of imbalances over time if our emotions spiral into unresolved turmoil.

Spiritual Journey Within

In essence, we are beings of light and need to keep our energy flowing freely for vitality and a sense of wellbeing. We can nurture this natural process.

The use of color – a natural property of sunlight – has entered the mainstream of alternative thinking, just as the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture did over the last few decades. Like acupuncture, color light applications are based on universal principles used since ancient times that are being validated by science today.

Lumalights and its training program were created to support your process during meditation and spiritual journeys.

Light Language

color-energy-healing-lumalightThere are millions of shades and hues of colored light detected by the eye, and many more invisible frequencies that influence us in positive ways.

This is what we call the language of light which can be explored with Lumalight use. Using your lights can create pathways for a sacred journey between you and your higher self.

Colors are the A, B, C’s, Doh, Re, Mi’s of language, music and nature around us. It also holds the secrets to universal knowledge that exists within each and every one of us.


Join us at a workshop to discover this language of light.