Spiritual Light Therapy


Light makes us shine from the inside out.

Our world is a symphony of vibrant colors and sounds that enrich our lives. The sun is a luminous link for self-discovery and innovative ideas, often leading us to seek spiritual light therapy to inspire us further.

Let’s delve into the unique essence of Lumalight.

A spiritual tool that can enhance your spiritual practice.

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Spiritual light therapy has a universal premise: sunlight.


#1. Light entices us to explore further.

lumalight color chakra system

Light is a universal wonder of which we are in awe. It is a mystery we know very little about or can validate everything it does. Light, whether it’s the warm glow of the sun, the serene light of the moon, or the distant twinkle of stars, is a powerful influence on us.

We know that sunlight’s radiant force brings life to us and our surroundings. Its rainbow hues deliver essential nutrients we absorb, process, and use daily. 

Furthermore, spiritual practices believe that sunlight holds qualities that provide information about the past, present, and future. Isn’t life all about connecting with our higher guidance?

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#2. Light is an intuitive language.

dream-chromotherapyDuring energywork, focus on becoming more attuned to your perception of the aura. These intuitive insights may serve as messages, signals, or guidance. They are hints similar to an “energy exchange” or biofeedback.

The Golden Light Series consists of five books that explore The Spectrahue Method in-depth, offering Lumalight protocols and exercises for the holistic mind and spiritual seeker.

With practice, Lumalight can help refine your spiritual intuition and enhance your practice.

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#3. Unlocking your mystical gifts.

Spiritual light therapy focuses on life force energy like Qi or Prana, and the skillful use of color light tools elevates these energies beyond their basic function.

In short, metaphysical practices incorporate spiritual light tools to access universal wisdom. Lumalight was inspired by this concept and serves as a powerful conduit when combined with other holistic practices.

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Important: Lumalight is a Canadian-made artisan product. It is a non-medical, non-touch, non-LED laser, making it an ideal choice for spiritual and holistic practices.

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.