Color Therapy for Animals

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color therapy for animals
Color Therapy for Animals was developed to support practitioners and home users who introduce non-invasive techniques, such as Reiki into their wellness and maintenance program. Ideal for animals at all stages of life.

You might wonder, “Why color light therapy?” We all know there are four main ingredients to life on earth: air, water, food and light. And each color is actually a type of sun-kissed energy that’s provides a vital nutrient to us.

YES! think of color as nutrition. Just look around at the colors in nature – it enlivens and nourishes the soul. For example take the seven rainbow or chakra colors: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, indigo and violet – each color has its benefits.

Become a color enthusiast

This compact, protocol-filled handbook is an easy to use educational guide that teaches you how to support animal wellness naturally with the influence of color lights. The techniques are designed for exploration with Lumalight light sets. Your furry and feathered friends can now enjoy gentle, soothing color beams to maintain wellness or to deal with specific situations.

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Color light basics

The protocols taught in these teachings combine the fundamentals of eastern medicine with color light theory to give you a quick and practical method to benefit from this ancient healing art.

Light and color therapies like acupuncture, vibrational therapies, massage, and aromatherapy, has demonstrated the capacity to energetically encourage well-being in dogs, horses, cats and birds and other animals, in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise.

lumalight-color-therapy-for-animals-useWho uses it?

This gentle approach to support your animal’s wellness can be achieved in a professional setting or in a barn, field, even after a grooming session; for example, blue light for separation anxiety when you come back from a trip.

Our color light delivery tools can also be used to enhance home care regimes or as an adjunct to your veterinarian’s program. Red light may help your senior buddy who needs a little more energy in the morning.

You may need a little red light, too!

The optimum goal is to support and encourage the animal’s ability to self-heal and maintain a balanced state.

Lumalight is also ideal for animal communicators, self-care and energy workers on-the-go.

Light work is for both you and your animal. There are wonderful self-use protocols and meditations in the materials provided with your Lumalight.

This book includes a quick reference guide (back-cover)

Lumalight colour therapy for horsesContents include

  • What is Color Harmonics?
  • Four Principles of Color Harmonics
  • Treating Warm-blooded Animals
  • Color Attributes
  • Energy Moving Techniques
  • Raising Energy
  • Calming Energy
  • Balancing Energy
  • Clearing Energy
  • Shock Clearing Techniques
  • Chakra Applications
  • Common Physical Issues
  • Intuitive Color Applications
  • Color Reflexology
  • Just For Birds
  • Building Bonds with Dogs, Cats and Horses
  • Telepathy and Animal Communication
  • The Connecting Process
  • Meditation to Connect to Your Pet
  • Body Scanning: Hands-off Method
  • Body Scanning: Hands-on Method

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