Ripples a novel story

An Undying Love Story

Ripples a Novel coverRipples: A Novel is a fantasy, and it has a message. Is it like Alice and her looking glass? In some ways … Yes! But the mirror is in your imagination that also exists beyond the rainbow. Its luminous arc captivates us with curiosity and wonder.

Why? Perhaps it subliminally reflects back to us other worldly realms.

This story unravels a chronicle of events inspired in a dream–vision. It unleashed the author’s lifelong fascination of light and color, illuminating her storytelling of what really happened one spring morning in 2022.

The narrative will inspire the reader to (hopefully!) believe in the miraculous within the ebb and flow of their own life journey.

“You are a living memory of your future selves.”
– Julianne, visionary author

Overview …

Like ripples made by a stone skipping on the surface of a pond, fate brings similar yet different events and people together, over and over again. In this hero’s journey, when Irene Montgomery touches an artifact of the rainbow goddess Iris, the ripples spread far beyond her own time, in modern-day Toronto.

And, thirty-something-year-old Irene has a secret identity even she is unaware of…

A fantastical yarn that follows gods and mortals locked in an eternal dance. Ripples leads the reader through time with a web of connections, from the South Pacific in the 1400s to the future.

Have you ever wondered…

Who are the ripples in your life?

Are you moving with or against their tides?

Time washes away, always to return; but when?



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What readers say …

–  It’s a page-turner; a time-traveling adventure I feel I am a part of.

–  A mysterious allure is sprinkled throughout the story with its characters moving in–and–out of time.

–  The book has a unique structure that alternates between different lifetimes of various souls and entities.

–  There are many threads, which tie the narrative together weaving a wonderful and enchanting story with universal and everlasting themes.

–  With its twists and turns, Ripples made me look inward. Our past, present and future somehow intertwine, and we keep meeting up to work it all out.

–  A mystical undertone balances each chapter giving background information that informs the connections and events in real space and time.

–  This novel has a wonderful synergy of all things magical. It brought to life an ancient goddess… Perhaps supernatural “invisibles” roam among us!

–  Ripples kindled my belief in the miraculous. It lured me into an antique store, treasure-hunting … wondering about my own fate if I found something meant only for me.

–  What a unique story! It pulled me in as I reflected on my own life and the people around me.

About the author

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienFor over two decades, Julianne Bien creator of The Spectrahue Method, is a writer in the spiritual arts genre.

She has written and self–published over ten books

More about Julianne

Her storytelling work includes:

– Color: Awakening the Child Within

– Adventures of Maximojo: A Warp in Time

– Zeetumah: Queen of the Rainbow Honeybees

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Ripples cover photos courtesy of: Award-winning, steel sculptor Daniella Boerhof Canada

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ISBN: 978-1-987956-08-5 (paperback) | 978-1-987956-09-2 (ebook)

Paperback: 2021 Release. 272 pages 65,000 + wc

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