Spa, Beauty, Anti-Aging

Lumalight Color Light Aesthetics


Spa, Beauty, Anti-Aging

In a practice offering spa, beauty, anti-aging services, Lumalight is ideal for people who equate a sense of self with vitality and heartfelt beauty. Beauty is more than skin deep; on an emotional level, it’s a mind/spirit connection of knowing who you are, and your possibilities in life. Lumalight™ color therapy lights can bring to light a sense of revived energy, and create a radiant glow during the process.


Lumalight Spa Protocols

Bathe in the rejuvenating influence of color light to enhance face and body-care treatments or reduce stress and tension during reflexology and massage and bodywork sessions.

Lumalight Radiance Facial™ and Lumalight SpineGlow Beauty™ are our signature spa protocols for a multi-dimensional experience – An opportunity to discover your inner and outer beauty.

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The Professional Choice

  • Complements most skincare lines and essential oil blends.
  • Supports anti-aging programs and personal care regimes.
  • Our signature facials are beneficial for both men and women.
  • We can also help you design your spa menu.
  • Penlight does not touch the skin to experience its gentle effect.

Signature Features

  • Crystal quality color filters and geometry insert components.
  • Ergonomic design, sleek penlight set for easy handling.
  • Canadian made, battery-operated, incandescent light source.
  • Home study training and customer support included.
  • Easy to learn and apply.

Light and color therapies are becoming #1 choice for relaxation and rejuvenation in spas.

lumalight-color-light-facialLumalight use is non medical, non invasive, non diagnostic, non LED laser, making it an ideal choice for aestheticians, beauticians and energy workers in spas and wellness centers.

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