Spa, Beauty, Anti-Aging


The professional’s choice

In a practice or salon offering spa, anti-aging and aesthetic services, Lumalight sessions are ideal for people who equate a sense of self with vitality and heartfelt beauty. Beauty is more than skin deep; on an emotional level it’s a mind/spirit connection of knowing who you are, and your possibilities in life. Color therapy can bring to light a sense of revived energy, and create a radiant glow during the process.

color facial lumalightUplifting and relaxing

Relax under a rejuvenating array of colors to enhance facials and bodycare treatments. During reflexology and bodywork in a tranquil space, use the lights at the beginning or end of a session to ease stress and encourage calm.

Lumalight Radiance Facial and Lumalight SpineGlow Beauty are our signature protocols for a multi-dimensional spa experience. Promote in packages of 3-10 sessions as it’s a process and an inner journey for your client, for both men and women.

We can help you introduce Lumalight into your spa menu too!

Learn our color techniques Lumalight chromatic essentials training

Light and color therapies are becoming the #1 choice for relaxation and rejuvenation in spas

Signature features

  • lumalight-color-light-facialexquisite color filters with sacred geometry combinations
  • ergonomic design, sleek penlight set for easy handling
  • portable and compact chromotherapy equipment
  • easy to learn and apply techniques

Lumalight use is non medical, non diagnostic, non LED laser, and does not touch the body making it the ideal choice for aestheticians, beauticians and energy workers in spas and wellness centers.

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