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In a practice offering spa, supportive aging and aesthetic services, a trained professional knows that beauty is more than skin deep. A Lumalight experience is for individuals that desire a heartfelt process during a treatment. Furthermore, and in the right light, the alchemy of chromotherapy provides for a rejuvenating experience.

There’s eternal beauty within all of us and a mind/body session can nourish the soul.

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#1. Make your Practice Shine

lumalight-courses-homeLight’s alchemical secrets enliven all living things; In other words, it’s a natural process of nature. For instance, light beautifies us with a radiant glow. And this occurs from the inside–out.

Practice capturing light’s creative flair through non-touch applications. Ultimately, light’s mystical nutrients guide us to age gracefully while nurturing us physically and emotionally.

Light alchemy is spiritual chemistry for a trained professional.

When a higher aspect of self ignites under the guidance of light:

  • The aura is glorying clarity and vitality in luminous shades.
  • Trillions of cells are televising their action radiantly.
  • In light language, they’re declaring an energy–shift:
    I’m feeling good! Or, I’ve just figured it out!

In addition that glowing look is a telltale sign of an incredible experience.

Moreover, welcome eternal insights that are gently brought into awareness as “a-ha” moments. Or, what you perceived as only a coincidence. Over time, lingering thoughts can lift as an empowered you shines bright.

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#2. Uplifting. Relaxing. Rejuvenating.

color facial lumalight

Most importantly, a Lumalight experience is for both you and your client. In other words, explore original protocols that come with your light set.

  • Spectrahue’s signature techniques:
    – Lumalight Radiance Facial
    – Lumalight SpineGlow Beauty

Above all, in a tranquil space chromotherapy can enhance facials, bodycare treatments, supportive therapies.

Practice along with easy-to-learn uses on DVD and in book format:

  1. Lumalight chromatic essentials
  2. Lumalight and essential oils
  3. Lumalight and sound therapy
  4. Energetically Correct Series
    – raise, calm, clear, balancing techniques

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#3. Exclusive Spa Menu


Eternal beauty is lifestyle care and a process of self discovery.

  • Promote chromotherapy to your clientele
  • Make every appointment a memorable experience
  • Offer 3-10 session packages
  • It’s a perfect add-on service in every season
  • A session can be a few minutes to half an hour
    – for example, illuminate the aura while face mask is on

It’s wonderful to treat yourself to a color light facial at home.

Consulting Services

Introduce Lumalight into your spa, holistic center, or spiritual retreat facility.

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Light and color therapies enhance relaxation and rejuvenation treatments.

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Important note: Lumalight use is non medical, non diagnostic, non LED laser, and does not touch the body, making it the ideal choice for aestheticians, beauticians and energy workers in spas and wellness centers.

Lumalight packages are a Canadian artisan product

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