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Our self-paced programs and classes are designed to strengthen your intuition as well as inspire your energy-moving skills, using Lumalight. In addition, these teachings are for the innovative and open-minded thinker. This modality is described as spiritual light therapy or light alchemy. And, you’ll learn its language in no time!

Lumalight was created for the mystical sciences using color, alchemy, symbolism.

Explore our innovative selection of intuitive tools and training materials.

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Briefly, here’s our original multi level training programs.



The Spectrahue Method

chromotherapy-education-lumalight-– original educational materials

Our fundamental 3-tier training program contains:

a) the complete Energetically Correct Series

b) all books in Golden Light Series

c) access to higher learning academy

Lumalight systems include training:

  • Physical materials: DVDs, books, card decks, charts, etc.
  • Virtual training: classes, support, coaching, mentoring.

View Store: The range of materials varies with each package




#1. Energetically Correct Series

– home study program

Energetically Correct: A Journey into Color Harmonics

  • This 5-part DVD series sets the foundation of this modality.
    – tutorials rich in theory and practical uses
    – self-paced format with guidance
    – equivalent to a one year course
    – included with all Lumalight packages

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#2. Golden Light Series

–  an enlightening study

Lumalight color therapy meaning and usesThis five volume book series was created for Lumalight mastery.

  • Each level follows a sequence of information.
    – it builds upon the previous one
    – it’s beneficial to explore each book in order
  • Lumalight packages include up to five levels:

i) Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks

ii) Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life

iii) Golden Light: Lumalight Chromatic Essentials

iv) Golden Light: Lumalight and Essential Oils

v) Golden Light: Lumalight and Sound Therapy

These training materials extend the reach of our vision.

Our virtual classes are checkpoints for advanced explorations.

Ready for the next step?

Let’s take it up a notch as you advance your diverse skills and expertise in your practice.



#3. The Spectrahue Academy of Higher Learning

conscious-change-chakras– What the Chakras?! series NEW

Our multi-day workshops made way for incredible virtual classes. Discover:

  1. ancient wisdom teachings in action
  2. universal light alchemy techniques
  3. powerful Lumalight exercises

Yes! Virtual classes: Strengthening your intuitive powers

In addition to a group experience, we also offer:

  • 1:1 training and guidance
  • Light alchemy program for animals
  • Golden Light mentorship program
  • Portrait Drawing: Liberating the Mystical (Live Classes) NEW

Teachings to ignite, inspire, transform awareness

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