Lumalight Educational Programs

For over two decades, we’ve pioneered an exploration of color light, sacred geometry and sound. We’ve gently harnessed that power – their energy-based effects akin to Reiki and other modes of non-touch energy work – and made it available to keen users worldwide.

Lumalight color therapy training programs are inspiring and original

chromotherapy-education-lumalight-Our work is embodied in our hand-held tools, called Lumalight by Spectrahue, and captured in our original educational series, called the Spectrahue Color Harmonics System. Together, they make The Spectrahue Method of light therapy.

Our unique selection of educational materials and trainings is designed for individual learners. From novices to Lumalight experts, anyone can explore every facet of our knowledge base, in a range of modalities and at their own speed.

Home study can be combined with our nationally accredited certification program and a variety of master courses, as a self-paced exploration of color light therapy and of one’s own potential.

Part of globally available life-long learning programs, our innovative system is at a forefront of knowledge and advanced discovery about the world we live in.



The Spectrahue Method

– our original educational materials

Our fundamental 3-tier training program contains:

#1. the complete Energetically Correct DVD series

#2. all books in The Golden Light series

#3. access to Lumalight experiential training

Lumalight sets include an essential educational package from our selection of DVDs, books, cards, wall charts, etc. The range of materials depends on the set you purchase. Visit our online store for exact details.

You can also upgrade your Lumalight System with any of our educational materials, as a special order, via our store or by phone. Lumalight Loyalty Program



spectrahue-energetically-correct-series-storeLearning is as easy as 1, 2, 3

#1. Energetically Correct Series

– home study program

Energetically Correct: A Journey into Color Harmonics – This 5-program DVD training series sets the foundation of this modality. Its a comprehensive tutorial, rich in theory, practical protocols and techniques in a home study format.

Good news! Included with all Lumalight packages, and the 1st book in the Golden light series*.

Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks*

  • Discover concepts and principles of The Spectrahue Method
  • Explore select Lumalight colors and patterns and their uses
  • Practice original protocols and color meditations
  • Learn about our concept of sacred geometry

Fascinated by sacred geometry in a Lumalight practice?

Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life is the next book in the series, see #2 below.



#2. Golden Light Series

– home study program

These educational books by Bien are a step-by-step training program of The Spectrahue Method™. Explore Lumalight protocols, exercises and meditations in this fascinating series.

This goes far beyond the typical cook-book style approaches to color light therapy.

  • The following training levels (print format) should be explored in order to receive the most benefit.
  • Each level follows a sequence of information that builds upon the previous level.

lumalight-color-light-sessionLevel 1 – Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks*

Level 2 – Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life

Level 3 – Golden Light: Lumalight Chromatic Essentials

Level 4 – Golden Light: Lumalight and Essential Oils

Level 5 – Golden Light: Lumalight and Sound Therapy

  • Various training levels are part of your Lumalight System package
  • Each Level can be ordered separately on our website
  • These training materials are explored in live workshop format too.


#3. Live Action Learning

– Instructor-led, professional workshops

Spectrahue Certification Program | Master Classes

Lumalight: The Art of Color Harmonics training program
– created for practitioners and personal use

We provide continuing education credits for many wellness professionals
– NCCAOM, NCBTMB Approved Provider

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Shine light on your future

Long ago, we had uncovered information of immense potential and practical value. We offer that original knowledge to anyone keen on growth and peace of mind. Our training materials, in various formats, extend the reach of our vision. Each book in our Golden Light Series is well worth the money and time. You can save thousands of dollars, in travel costs and course fees alone.

Our books and DVDs provide all details of our original Spectrahue Method for Lumalight mastery

And, our nationally accredited courses are checkpoints for experiential learning. Most Lumalight users combine self-study with attending our courses from time to time. This website is the sole source of our products, educational materials and courses. That’s their Spectrahue quality stamp.

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