Lumalight Educational Programs

For over two decades, we’ve pioneered an exploration of color light, sacred geometry and sound. We’ve gently harnessed that power – their energy-based effects akin to Reiki and other modes of non-touch energy work – and made it available to keen users worldwide.

Lumalight color therapy training programs are inspiring and original

chromotherapy-education-lumalight-Our work is embodied in our hand-held tools, called Lumalight System, and captured in our original educational series, originally called the Spectrahue Color Harmonics System.

Together, they make The Spectrahue Method of light therapy.

Our unique selection of educational materials and trainings is designed for individual learners. From novices to Lumalight experts, anyone can explore every facet of our knowledge base, for a range of modalities.

Home study can be combined with a variety of classes, as a self-paced exploration of the power of light and of one’s own potential.

Part of a life-long learning program, our innovative system is at a forefront of knowledge and self discovery.



The Spectrahue Method

– our original educational materials

Our fundamental 3-tier training program contains:

#1. the complete Energetically Correct DVD series

#2. all books in The Golden Light series

#3. access to Lumalight experiential training

Lumalight systems include an essential educational package of DVDs, books, cards, wall charts, etc. The range of materials depends on the package you purchase. Visit our online store for exact details.

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spectrahue-energetically-correct-series-storeLearning made easy

#1. Energetically Correct Series

– home study program

Energetically Correct: A Journey into Color Harmonics

  • This 5-program series sets the foundation of this modality.
  • This tutorial is rich in theory, practical uses in a self paced format.

Read more about the EC series.



#2. Golden Light Series

– home study program

This book series was created for The Spectrahue Method.

  • Each level follows a sequence of information that builds upon the previous level.
  • It’s recommended to explore each book in order to receive the most benefit.
  • Various training levels are part of your Lumalight System package
  • lumalight-color-light-sessionEach book set can be ordered separately on our website

Level 1 – Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks

Level 2 – Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life

Level 3 – Golden Light: Lumalight Chromatic Essentials

Level 4 – Golden Light: Lumalight and Essential Oils

Level 5 – Golden Light: Lumalight and Sound Therapy

This goes far beyond the cook-book style approaches to color light therapy.


#3. Live & Virtual Learning

Shine light on your future

Long ago, we had uncovered information of immense potential and practical value. We offer that original knowledge to anyone keen on growth and peace of mind.

Our training materials, in various formats, extend the reach of our vision. Live and virtual classes are checkpoints for experiential learning.

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