Energetically Correct Series


Energetically Correct Series

Energetically Correct: A Journey into Color Harmonics is a five program training series. It’s the first step in learning the theory and foundation of The Spectrahue Method of Light Therapy. This educational module was created for Lumalight training. Combined with the teachings in the Golden Light Series, you’ll now have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and use of geometry shapes and color filter combinations in your light set.

This audio-visual series is designed to guide you step-by-step on how to use this energy-based modality in your metaphiscal practice.



Training series includes:

Five programs on 3 DVD Set

  • Approximate running time on each program: 50 minutes
  • Each program is equivalent to a 3-day workshop
  • DVD Format for North American Players only

Reference and light set maintenance manual, PLUS

Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks

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Content overview:

Program 1 – history of color therapy

Since the beginning of humanity, color light rays have influenced our every mood, action and state of health. Learn about its history and early pioneers, and the healing possibilities and attributes of the 7 spectral colors.

Program 2 – raising and calming

With this teaching module along with the blue manual, learn two of the most basic energy moving techniques and follow along with its interactive demonstrations. Discover how color is a form of energy that travels through our meridian system and our energy field ( aura). Learn how to raise one’s energy or calm disharmony in its flow for peace of mind.

Program 3 – balancing and clearing

Balancing and clearing energies within the body are the next remaining two energy moving techniques. Learn how to use color light applications and clear and balance energies. Combine protocols in Program 2 with protocols demonstrated in this program.

Program 4 – advanced techniques

Learn color uses for addressing disharmonies in the aura which may contribute to symptoms from the common cold, headaches, minor aches. Learn how to use color in the aura to address emotional upsets and shock-clearing techniques. You’ll also explore the 8 spiritual colors in your light set and suggested uses.

Program 5 – esthetics and beauty

This method of color light techniques are for home users as well as the spa professional. Learn how beauty comes from a balanced state within, and how vitality radiates from energy flowing in our meridians. Learn face reading observations, color light reflexology uses for the face and feet and more.


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