Energetically Correct Series


Energetically Correct Series

Energetically Correct: A Journey into Color Harmonics is a comprehensive training program that provides the foundation for advanced applications in The Spectrahue Method, which can be explored further in our virtual classes.

This classic audio-visual series offers a timeless guide suitable for all learning levels.

Explore the world of Lumalight with this five-program training series, featuring over 50 captivating color light techniques.

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Lumalight foundational program

spectrahue-energetically-correct-series-storeThis set includes:

  • Five programs on 3 DVDs
  • Approximate running time: 50 minutes/program
  • Each module is equivalent to a three-day workshop
  • DVD Format for North American Players only
  • Blue Reference and Lumalight care manual


  • Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks
    – first of five books in the Golden Light Series
    – your package may include other levels in this series

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Interactive training overview:

Program One 

  • Introductory history of color light therapy.
  • Learn about light and its hidden powers.
  • Discover fascinating theories, applications, and reasons for its unparalleled healing ability. 

Program Two 

  • Learn simple and gentle techniques with Lumalight to raise energy when feeling depleted or tired and to calm energy when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 

Program Three 

  • Explore practical and easy-to-learn techniques to balance and clear physical, emotional, and spiritual energies with the Lumalight.

Program Four 

  • Learn how to apply color harmonics applications to address the common cold, headaches, backaches, stomach upset, relationship issues, shock-clearing techniques, chakra plug-ins. 

Program Five 

  • Explore color light reflexology protocols for the face and feet, holographic techniques for skin toning and concerns, lymph clearing, and more. 

Note: All techniques are non-touch and focus on acupuncture points and areas of the aura.



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