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Spectrahue’s Mind Expanding Series

The Consciousness of the Atom 

Step up to consciousness with our content-rich teachings in the mystical sciences. This series was designed to help strengthen your extrasensory perception, as you explore ancient wisdom, experience light-guided exercises, and learn luminous tips in light language.

Interested in…

  • energy work using chromo-geometry
  • celestial star–to–cell connection
  • heightened extrasensory perception
  • interspecies communication (animals, plants, elements)

All living beings and objects are made up of atoms, including the stars in our galaxy. We believe atoms are carriers of a higher intelligence that can relay transformative ideas through dreams and visions. These inspirations are a guiding light for creating conscious change globally.

Curious? This is the place to start!

Each class is it’s own journey into consciousness and the universe.

An educated imagination paves the way into higher realms.

Questions? Reach out to us!


Class Schedule (2022/2023)

  • lumalight color healing experience sessionDuration: 1-3 hour modules (zoom)
  • Fee: varies per class (includes handouts)
  • Intuitive tools used: Lumalight, Spectrahue Tarot, GeoColor Playdeck, pendulum, magnifying mirror

Part 1 – A Sensory Experience
– watch recording order now

Part 2 – Spectrahue’s Tarot Class*
– watch 2022 forecast order now

Part 3 – Forever Diamond Generator – Level 1
– watch recording order now

Part 4 – The Missing Links NEW
– an exploration beyond the element theory

saturn space scenePart 5 – Luminous Consciousness – Level 2 October
– creating conscious change

Part 6 – Galaxy, star power, energy points– Level 2 November
– explore higher zodiacal energies
– previous diamond class (pre-requisite)

Part 7 – Spectrahue Spirit Gate Deck NEW
– explore higher calling messages

Part 8 – Accelerate your geo-chromatic practice January
– creating change with starlight guidance

Part 9-12 – Interspecies Communication (2023 TBA)
– animals, nature, elements and more…

*Lumalight users only: *NEW product releases pre-ordered will be shipped in advance of class.


I’d like to register, but I’m Lumalight–less (!)

  1. maxi-color-therapyThere’s a few spots in each class for those without Lumalight.
  2. Simply reach out by email (without attachments):
    a) your area of spiritual/holistic studies
    b) why you are drawn to this work
  3. If accepted, the only purchase necessary is the class fee.

Important mentions:

  • Class participants: Canada/United States residents only
  • Payment method: Visa/MC by phone, e-transfer
  • Classes are non-refundable, so watch a FREE class first:
    – a 50-minute class* for the approved metaphysical aspirant

Upon class registration:

  • You’ll be added to our email list (updates/notifications/handouts).
  • Update your browser and zoom app before class.
  • With technology glitches can happen:
    – unfortunately we’re unable to troubleshoot technical issues
    – for review, recording access is available for a limited time


It’s time to deepen your understanding of the esoteric aspects of light.

Interested in mystical–content studies?

We encourage you to reach out for more information.

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.