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Advanced Lumalight studies

Long ago, we had encountered information of immense potential to awaken consciousness into a higher state of self-realization. And, for decades, as our training materials evolved, Lumalight practices expanded beyond the holistic field, and into the mystical realms of higher worlds.

If you’re a practitioner, therapist or life coach with diverse skills and expertise,

and are drawn to the spiritual sciences then read on; these teachings are for you.

Yes! Virtual Classes: What the Chakras?! series

Portrait Drawing: Liberating the Mystical (in-person classes) NEW
– Individual and group training, reach out for details

Access to higher learning expands your practice.


#1. A Self Conscious Journey

mystical bookLight in every season constantly inspires us, as our hopes and dreams circle far and wide in the atmosphere. These thoughts are actually energy-in-motion like expanding ripples on a pond.

Tap into your inspiring thoughts which only has your voice.

Globally, this energy creates possibilities, while earth clocks in around the sun. Needless to say, this power star has its own annual trek through the astrological signs.

The sun showers us with inspiring ideas too. Our auras tune into its sunny emanations. Moreover, our auras are like information–packed holograms!


#2. Original Transformational Series

What the Chakras?! Series
– chakra system mysteries unveiled

atom-spiral-formWe’ve transformed in a changing world! Although our live, accredited courses are now heart-warming memories, our higher teachings, given in 1–5 hour modules, fit into a fast-paced schedule. in multiple time zones.

Join us one class at a time…

With your visionary capacity during practice:

  • exercise extrasensory perception
  • access imagination faculty
  • probe light mysteries
  • expand consciousness
  • increase creativity
  • improve self-awareness

2024/2025 Schedule: Live virtual class and self-paced programs


#3. Life’s too busy to attend?

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienGreat news! After registration, enjoy an abridged recording for a limited time.

#4. Need extra support?

We’re here for you, book a private session. (fee applies)

#5. Already using Lumalight?
  • Golden Light Mentorship Program
  • Light Alchemy for Animals Program
#6. Where’s a great place to start?

Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks


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