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The Hidden Wisdom of Light Alchemy

The Spectrahue Method’s theories are embodied in hand-held tools called Lumalight, and captured in its original educational materials. Part of a life-long experiential process, our innovative approach has inspired self-discovery through the mysteries of ancient cultures.

Light as a whole is a mystery as we only understand a fraction of what it is and what it does.

Explore this fascinating topic and color use tips sprinkled throughout this website.

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Deepen your understanding of light alchemy with these tips.



#1. A Timeless Journey


Chromotherapy is so much more than using color light as a therapy for physical and emotional upsets. More importantly, it is a universal language that’s an integral part of our heritage from times immemorial.

Capturing the essence of sunlight builds upon ancient traditions in healing. Spiritual sciences have shown their methods are well founded as we are first and foremost beings of light.

Sunlight also delivers a vital energy necessity to us.

Our chakras and meridians are part of our energy anatomy located in the aura. And, all rely on this mysterious Qi (Chi) substance distributed through light.

In short, this is your vital force. It blends with earth energy called Kundalini through a Chakra. This alchemical process can ignite your higher abilities.

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#2. Harnessing the Power of Color Light

lumalight color healing experience session

The use of color light can be the right solution in a wide range of situations from simple relaxation and rejuvenation through redressing disruptions in the energy field, to complete inner makeovers based on introspection.

Lumalight tools complement most energy-based practices, as well as extrasensory and telepathic work. Above all, remember that light is its own language we strive to resonate with. Its wisdom and guidance is translated by our higher senses during a session.

Explore this modality in your personal and professional practice, alongside visualization, meditation and of course a healthy lifestyle.

Light language is innate in us; it’s a telepathic and intuitive information exchange.

Light is energy alchemy; heartfelt spiritual chemistry.

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#3. Nurture Nature’s Creative Forces

flower-sun-imageFor the most part, what we perceive as the colors of a landscape are due to a small slice of the sun’s radiating force of frequencies through the atmosphere.

Take for example the appearance of an object in nature. It’s the result of the sun’s light interacting with it. And, naturally in a nurturing way.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  1. After a spring shower, we see a rainbow arc.
    – Light bounces off water droplets, revealing color.
  2. The coloration of a dandelion and a blade of grass.
    – Both species absorb certain hues and cast off others.
    – The cast off here is yellow and green frequencies.
    Yellow dandelion and green grass is how we perceived them.

Self Discovery: Symbolism and the mystical of light language



#4. Education is Key (Qi) in The Spectrahue Method

Lumalight color therapy meaning and usesLumalight tools include training materials that are fascinating and expansive. They offer original content for the mystical aspirant.

Insightful theories, protocols and tips are continually being created to elevate your awareness through universal wisdom carried in light and ancient symbols.

If you are drawn to this work, trust that you’ll be guided by light and consciousness, while strengthening your perception.

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#5. Lumalight Packages

lumalight sacred geometry shapes

  1. Lumalight Soular System
    – 21 clip-on attachments, training
  2. Lumalight Color & Geometry System
    – 47 clip-on attachments, training
  3. Lumalight Universal System
    – 70+ clip-on attachments, training
       The professional’s choice

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In addition to the above self-paced training:

  • Spectrahue’s Higher Learning Academy
    • advanced classes
    • coaching sessions
    • Golden Light Mentorship Program
    • Light Alchemy for Animals Program
    • Spiritual Art Portraits NEW

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#6. Is Lumalight for me?

This is a very personal question. Only you have the answer, as your practice is unique to you. If you’ve been drawn to this work for a while—enjoy our educational articles on the language of light, and other informative pages on this website,.

What our clients say: In a trained hand, they are amazing tools



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Lumalight is a tool and not a medical device, nor an LED laser pointer or high intensity flashlight. It is non diagnostic and does not touch the skin. No medical claims are made or implied. This modality does not replace the advice or care of a medical professional, nor does it suggest stopping any existing treatments or therapies. Read Terms of Use

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