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The Spectrahue Evolution

The art of transformation

The Spectrahue Method’s theories are embodied in hand-held tools called Lumalight, and captured in its original educational materials. Part of a life-long experiential process, our innovative approach has inspired self-discovery through the mysteries of ancient cultures.

Journeying back in time

star tetrahedron

Color light therapy is part of our heritage, from times immemorial. It builds upon ancient traditions in healing. Spiritual sciences have shown these traditions are well founded as we are creatures of light.

We believe that faint light signals are used to communicate all information within a living being, on the microscopic level. Although we don’t understand how exactly this works, the invisible rays on both sides of the visible spectrum have long had undisputed, practical medical uses.

It is only logical to think that the frequencies in between the infrared and ultraviolet lights also can have an effect.

Energy in motion

Lumalight tools combine color filters and geometrically shaped inserts; discs with ancient designs and symbols from the collective consciousness. These interchangeable caps can filter this “structured light” into focused thought patterns. This is guided by intent, soul destiny, and intuitive light moves.

How would you receive its silent feedback messages?

A thought, inspiration, insight, a sudden hunch…

You’re on my wavelength!

This is light language. A telepathic way of communicating information.

Light is a life necessity

The use of color light can be the right solution in a wide range of situations: from simple relaxation and rejuvenation, through redressing disruptions in the energy field, to complete inner makeovers based on introspection. It can naturally complement and support most energy-based practices.

Light is a language of our higher consciousness translated by our senses.

lumalight color healing experience sessionLumalight–in–action

  • Introduce color energy into a session
  • Blend techniques with other modalities
  • Trust in your skill and knowledge base
  • Select a color filter and geometry insert
    – pair together, clip onto penlight
    – shine light over energy points
    – intuit light moves, distance, timing…

More about color energy



Lumalight system

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeAll-inclusive packages

  • Penlight sets include:
    • presentation case (pictured)
    • precision penlights
    • color filters, geometry inserts
    • self-paced training materials
      – DVDs, books, card decks, charts

We’ve made it easy with incredible training aids

In a trained hand, they’re amazing tools.  What clients say …



lumalight sacred geometry shapes

Lumalight bundles*

Upgrade to a higher package level after initial purchase.*

  1. Lumalight System PLUS
    A great place to start (2022 creation)
  2. Lumalight Color & Geometry System
    46 piece light set
  3. Lumalight Universal System
    70 + piece light set
    — The professional’s choice

Spectrahue’s exclusive store

*Lumalight Loyalty Program

Is Lumalight for me?

This is a very personal question. Only you have the answer, as your practice is unique to you. If you’ve been drawn to this work for a while—check out our blog articles and other informative pages.

Lumalight advantages


Lumalight packages are a limited edition, artisan product



Lumalight is a tool and not a medical device, nor an LED laser pointer or high intensity flashlight. It is non diagnostic and does not touch the skin. No medical claims are made or implied. This modality does not replace the advice or care of a medical professional, nor does it suggest stopping any existing treatments or therapies. Read Terms of Use

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