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Welcome to the World of Color Harmonics

We truly live in colorful times. Everything around us is influenced by the colors carried in light. Our world is constantly illuminated by the sun. It’s what enables us to perceive our world as lively and fascinating. Light’s millions of shades and hues act as a source of information. It influences our every thought, action and mood. And, we all know it’s an essential energy for all life on earth.

There’s so much to learn and discover about light in our lives.

The Spectrahue Method of light therapy offers you this opportunity.

The Spectrahue Method

lumalight-color-light-sessionThis is an advanced method of chromotherapy, another term for color light therapy. Our method is unique in that you can combine colored filters with sacred geometry discs using a special set of tools in the Lumalight system. This configures light sent through a penlight into certain patterns. It’s shone on acupoints, reflex zones and into the aura.

These techniques are described as color harmonics.

Over the last two decades, we’ve produced DVD training and published many books on the theory of color harmonics, its application and how to use a Lumalight System. You’ll enjoy this fascinating approach of working with the subtle energies that support us in many ways.

This Canadian made product was created for professionals and home users in the healing arts.

Our all-inclusive Lumalight System packages include:

    1. Lumalight color & geometry light sets
    2. Spectrahue’s original educational and training materials

Distance Learning
• Home study programs and customer support (included). Learning options

Instructor-led Learning
• Nationally accredited courses (optional). Workshops and schedule

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Color Harmonics Theory


Light is the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the sun. It is seen by the eye under certain conditions – such as a rainbow after a spring shower. Color has more meaning in our lives than most of us realize: for example, the coloration of an object is the impact of light upon it. It comes to life by our perception of its frequency and vibrational quality.

Discover “how and why” in our learning materials.

And. our skin is more than a protective barrier from the outside world. It also acts like a two-way antenna – an interface between each one of us and our relationship with the environment. Amazingly, it absorbs the information and nutrients that light carries and processes it for us.

This is only the beginning. There’s so much to learn and discover in The Spectrahue Method.

How it Works

The essence of the art of color harmonics is to encourage the positive and nurturing effects of our rainbow spectrum. In advanced work, you can combine the colors with geometrical shapes. To achieve this, first:

Open your Lumalight Set

  1. Select a geometrical shape
  2. Place it into to a color filter
  3. Clip filter onto a penlight, and turn it on

Next, motion the light beam in the energy field in suggested locations and sequences described in our training materials included with your light set purchase. Our educational system was created for Lumalight mastery.

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Lumalight System Packages

We offer an incredible selection of color and geometry components for limitless combinations.

sacred-geometry-lumalightColor Filters

There are over 40 magnificent filters in our professional system.

For example, the cooling shades of color are in the violet and blue range. At the other end of the spectrum are the daytime colors––warming shades of red, orange and yellow. And, the green shades create harmony in nature.

There has been a lot of research about the importance of sunlight as well as the psychological and therapeutic effects of individual colors. The Spectrahue Method offers a very special way of harnessing these colorful packets of energy for specific purposes.

Geometry Inserts

A signature feature of our light sets is a sacred geometry component. We believe these designs shape who we are and the world around us. Select a package with the complete 24-piece set or 10 geometry inserts.

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Here are the tools to begin your journey into the world of color harmonics.

Lumalight Universal System, has it all––or start with our entry level package: Lumalight Premium System

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Lumalight is a tool and not a medical device, nor an LED laser pointer or high intensity flashlight. It is non diagnostic and does not touch the skin. No medical claims are made or implied. This modality does not replace the advice or care of a medical professional, nor does it suggest stopping any existing treatments or therapies. Read Disclaimer