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Discover Light Language

We truly live in colorful times under the rainbow. These luminous rays enliven Nature around us. They also enable us to perceive every thought and action in our world in mysterious ways. Lights shades and hues act as a source of information. This is what we call light language. Let’s decode it together, in live and remote trainings.

For over two decades, we’ve taken chromotherapy—another term for color light therapy—to a whole new level, by creating an original sacred geometry component for our light sets. As well as original educational materials.

Lumalights are amazing tools for practitioners in the healing arts and metaphysical explorers.



Lumalight System

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeProfessional all-inclusive packages:

  • Lumalight light sets*:
    • Oak case or black zip-up travel case
    • Ergonomic-shaped penlight(s)
    • Color filters, geometry inserts
  • Spectrahue’s training materials*:
    • DVDs, books, charts, cards

*Selection based on chosen package (see below)


Colors are the ABCs of light language

  • Once you begin your journey, Lumalight is easy to use.
  • lumalight color healing experience sessionSimply pair a color filter and geometrical shaped insert together.
    – The insert discs fit into the filter cap opening.
  • The intent is to configure the imprint of light emitted.
  • Shape ‘color’ and the information it carries from the sun.
    – according to ancient and mystical designs for an outcome.
  • The caps are clipped onto penlight and shone into aura
    – ie towards acupoints and reflex zones locations.
  • These techniques are also described as color harmonics.
    —non-touch color energy work

Tell me more about Lumalight chromotherapy

Lumalight Training

Become an expert in using your light set

We’ve made it easy with our incredible training modules.

  1. Practice along with our 5-part DVD program series
    (Foundational training)
  2. Explore advanced theory and uses for higher learning
    (Golden Light Series)
  3. The outcome depends on your skill in utilizing these tools

spectrahue-color-harmonics-booksIn a trained hand, they’re amazing. What our clients say

Learning options:

  • Home Study Learning
    • Self-paced programs
    • Customer support
  • Live & Virtual Classes
    • Spectrahue led classes

Is Lumalight for me?

This is a very personal question. Only you have the answer, as your holistic and spiritual practice is unique to you. If you’ve been drawn to The Spectrahue Method for a while—check out our blog articles, and other pages on site.

Learn about Lumalight Advantages



Lumalight Packages

lumalight sacred geometry shapesSelect an exclusive package from our store. Upgrade to a higher package level after initial purchase, with a custom order. Certain conditions apply. Lumalight Loyalty Program

  1. Lumalight Premium System
    15 filter light set
  2. Lumalight Deluxe System
    22 filter light set, spiral insert
  3. Lumalight Color & Geometry PLUS System
    22 filters, 24 geometry piece light set
  4. Lumalight Universal System
    Over 60 color & geometry piece light set
    — The professional’s choice



Lumalight Care

  1. When your package arrives, first read Let’s Get Started brochure.
  2. Watch EC DVD series, your first step in learning.

Here’s our online version: maintenance operating tips



Lumalight is a tool and not a medical device, nor an LED laser pointer or high intensity flashlight. It is non diagnostic and does not touch the skin. No medical claims are made or implied. This modality does not replace the advice or care of a medical professional, nor does it suggest stopping any existing treatments or therapies. Read Disclaimer

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