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Discover Light Language

We truly live in colorful times as Nature comes to life by the sun. It also enables us to perceive every thought and action in our world. Light’s millions of shades and hues act as a source of information.

We call this ‘the language of light’

And, we’ve made original tools to help you listen to this universal, silent messenger.

  • There’s so much to learn and discover about light in our lives.
  • The Spectrahue Method of light therapy offers you this opportunity.
  • This Canadian made product is ideal for practitioners in the healing arts, and spiritual seekers.


Lumalight System

Professional all-inclusive packages:

  • Lumalight penlight sets
    • Select oak carrying case (above) or black zip-up travel case
  • Spectrahue’s training materials
    • DVDs, books, charts, cards

Lumalight takes chromotherapy—another term for color light therapy—to a new level. There’s a sacred geometry component for our light sets too, with its own training materials.

Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life

If you’re drawn to the mysteries of light—then this original modality is for you.

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Color enlivens life

  1. Light is the visible part of EM radiation sent from the sun.
  2. Seven colors of light (red-violet) is called a spectrum.
  3. It’s seen by the eye under certain conditions—such as a rainbow.
  4. Color has much meaning in our lives, especially in nature.
    —Its appearance to us replies on the impact of light upon it.
  5. All colors of sunlight have an impact on every sector, and industry in our world.
  6. The field of color psychology explores how colors influence us physically and emotionally
    —such as our decision making processes and lifestyles.
  7. Read about our rainbow colors: red, green, orange, blue, yellow, violet.


Lumalight in action

  • lumalight color healing experience sessionWe have a unique way of seeing colors as the ABCs of light language.
  • Our method combines color filters and geometrical shaped inserts for its use.
  • These insert discs fit into the filter caps to configure the imprint of light and shape it according to ancient and mystical designs for an outcome.
  • The caps are clipped onto a penlight then shone into the aura toward acupuncture point and reflex zones locations, and in the field.
  • These techniques are also described as color harmonics.
    —non-touch color energy work

Lumalight training

To become an expert in using your light set to its potential, we’ve made it easy for you by developing powerful training modules.

You’ll enjoy this fascinating approach of working with color lights.

  1. Practice along with our 5-part DVD program series. (Foundational training)
  2. Explore advanced protocols and uses in the many levels of education (Golden Light Series)
  3. Learn and master the theory and Lumalight uses.
    – The outcome depends on your skill in utilizing these tools.

In a trained hand, they’re amazing. What our clients say

Learning options:

  • Home Study Learning
    • Self-paced learning programs (DVDs, Books, Charts, Cards)
    • Customer support (phone/email)
  • Live Action Learning
    • Instructor-led classes (North America)
    • Nationally accredited for continuing education

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Is Lumalight right for me?

This is a very personal question. Only you have the answer, as your holistic and spiritual practice is unique to you. If you’ve been drawn to The Spectrahue Method for a while—check out our blog articles.

Learn about Lumalight Advantages



Lumalight System Packages

lumalight sacred geometry shapesSelect from five exclusive packages. You always have the option to upgrade to another package level after initial purchase. Lumalight Loyalty Program

  1. Lumalight Premium System
    15 filter light set (spectral and spiritual colors)
  2. Lumalight Deluxe System
    22 filter light set (spectral, spiritual, advanced)
  3. Lumalight Color & Geometry System
    22 filters, 10 geometry piece light set
  4. Lumalight Color & Geometry PLUS System
    22 filters, 24 geometry piece light set
  5. Lumalight Universal System
    40 filters, 26 geometry piece light set
    — The professional’s choice

Each package includes:

  • Energetically Correct: A Journey into Color Harmonics (DVD series)
  • Golden Light Series | Various levels of books based on package choice
  • Laminated charts
  • Customer support
  • Spectrahue card decks

spectrahue-universal-card-deck-storeNote: Golden Light Series/Card Decks can also be ordered separately online

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How to care for your Lumalight

With proper care and maintenance, your Lumalight can last many years. When you receive your package, please review the first section in the blue reference manual for details.

Here’s a simplified version: maintenance operating tips



Lumalight is a tool and not a medical device, nor an LED laser pointer or high intensity flashlight. It is non diagnostic and does not touch the skin. No medical claims are made or implied. This modality does not replace the advice or care of a medical professional, nor does it suggest stopping any existing treatments or therapies. Read Disclaimer

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