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Creating Conscious Change

Maestro, please… A thunderous echo rippled far and wide as the sun burst in. Living colors splashed everywhere. By nature, entire civilizations with their own complex history, made their presence known through architecture, art, and storytelling.

This symphony of light and sound has always captivated human imagination.

mystical bookWhy do fables, parables, folklores intrigue us?

Stories can create conscious change as the mind symbolizes their memory.

We live in an ocean of consciousness that consists of energy in motion. Invisible and invincible, this substance makes up our mind’s thoughts. Whether focused or fleeting, simple or complex, a thought is a type of energy expressed by feelings, actions, and words.

Every generation studied and dramatized the classics.

Light-filled words spoke of life lessons.

Life stories repurpose their energy


Right from the start the universe boomed. Space had a bright idea! Its atoms were scattered everywhere. Atoms are powerful particles in light, with their own conscious awareness.

Elusive yet powerful, a single atom is a complex structure. With ingenuity and insight, they have a part in everything you could possibly think of.

Element atoms such as carbon, oxygen, electrons, etc., co-create with us. Alchemically, they adapt us to change!

It was a tall order for Mother Nature

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Creative rhythm, conscious change

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From ancient to modern alphabets, stylized characters opened the doors of imagination in us. These symbols act as a transducer of universal energy (Qi or Chi), so we can express our thoughts and life lessons.

For example, the spoken word is a conduit for the mind to convey a verbal message. An alphabet forms then voices the thought idea through airflow in the speech center. This concept applies to our extrasensory (intuitive) abilities too.

Light is a universal language in The Spectrahue Method.

We are born to be inspired, dream, and communicate knowledge.

A glimpse into thought–forms

Will–powered ideas in storytelling have always influenced humanity. Whether silently thought or voiced or written down; mindful energy has a purpose.

Above all, a cloud-like bubble or shape can also form in the aura. It’s a thought projected outside of the body. This invisible substance is made up of creative (mental) energy. It’s a lively formed–idea on a mission.

Intuitive faculties such as clairvoyance make it visible to the inner eye. Its shape and color have its own story to tell.

So, naturally it is called a thought–form; long ago psychic seers rightfully named it.

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All that exists is thoughtfully created

aura-thought-formSimilarly, all living species on earth have psychic, telepathic skills or sonic radar on land, in flight and in the deep blue sea. With clear messages sent to friends and foe; all are interdependent and in harmony with nature’s rhythm.

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Creativity of conscious change

There’s no doubt, inspiring thoughts of a creative mind sculpts and beautifies living energy into form. For example, an idea dittoed from what was seen in imagination has influenced: the arts, science, innovation, technology.

Our true nature inspires us to create consciously.

What are the Akashic Records?

All materialized thoughts are recorded for eternity in the nature of things. This term is also described as the Akashic Records and the Good Book.

Think of its record-keeping as an all-inclusive (invisible) book or scroll. Thankfully it ensures the survival of our knowledge and wisdom. It’s messages journey through all evolutionary cycles. Now this also includes your personal data or life experiences.

Above all, it’s located in a safe place: somewhere over the rainbow or in a cloud.

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The written world


Meanwhile, volumes have been written on the hermetic phase: “As above so below, as within so without.” This is one of the secrets of the universe.

Hermes–Thoth inscribed it on an Emerald Tablet, thousands of years ago. The tablet was written in archaic (old–fashioned) words. It can be difficult to digest at first glance.

Once you grasp this concept, this prose can make you think twice about reality! I believe it conceals part of the mystery of life in the green ray.

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Celestial guidance within

Since the idea of time was instilled in us, ancient stargazers had connected the stars into mythical figures, with influential forces. Cartographers victoriously drew world maps of the constellations for guidance on the seven seas.

Together the stars, planets and moons cast energy our way. This is part of the ocean of consciousness mentioned earlier on. And, interpreted by astrologers, a horoscope is mapped out like a journey or a quest. It’s a subjective forecast of the future.

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“Oh heavens!” you wonder as an idea flashed to mind like a shooting star….

Memorizing vs. remembering

dream-chromotherapyThe Spectrahue Method is beyond memorizing ancient healing methods. This modality is meant to refresh your memory of what is already innate in you.

Conscious change can be inspired at anytime and by anything… It’s all about remembering…

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Time to repurpose your energy?

Creating conscious change

You’ve come this far on your spiritual quest. Ready to take the first step?

  1. Think of a positive thought.
  2. Hold it in your mind and nurture it.
  3. Build upon it with good feelings anytime.
  4. When it feels right, release it with an open heart.
  5. Trust in your self and welcome change.

We encourage you to investigate, understand, and work with Nature on your discovery process. I once read that Einstein alluded to the fact that we only know 1/1000th of 1% of what Nature wants to reveal to us.

Everything is on a schedule, including our own shifts into higher awareness.

By changing yourself you might change more than you imagined.

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