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Creating Conscious Change is a Process

Maestro, please… A thunderous echo rippled far and wide as the sun burst in. Living colors splashed everywhere. By nature, entire civilizations with their own complex history, made their presence known through architecture, art, and storytelling.

This symphony of light and sound had always captivated human imagination.

Every generation studied and dramatized the classics.

Light-filled words spoke of life lessons.

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Creative Rhythm, Conscious Change

mystical book

We all love a good story as well as fables, parables and folklores. Why? They somehow move us as our mind aligns to the originating intent of the writer.

That is to say, a strong minded writer transfers thought–energy into each stroke of a writing instrument. Therefore, the words leave an indelible and memorable impression.

To clarify, this is a type of energy transference. And, in the right frame of mind, this state can ignite conscious change.

Now, let’s look briefly at five points for an ideal mindset.



#1. Alpha– Beta–Theta States

thinking mindLooking back at ancient to modern alphabets, stylized characters are also symbols or keys that open the doors of our imagination. That is to say, they’re attuned through different brainwave states.

Basically, symbols act as a transducer of incoming universal energy (Qi or Chi), so we can express our thoughts and life lessons.

Furthermore, it’s important to grasp this concept: We live in an ocean of consciousness made up of a mysterious substance we call universal energy.

In general this substance makes up our mind’s thoughts and enlivens us as it continuously expresses itself in various symbolic forms, such as scripts, art, architecture. Whether a thought is focused or fleeting; simple or complex; your mind is eager to evolve.

An ideal mindset for creative change is Alpha Theta; it’s an meditative aware state.

Do you ever wonder why you read a book over and over again?

Its energy is magnetically heartfelt regardless of the theme.

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#2. The Written World

philosopherMeanwhile, volumes had been written on the hermetic phase: as above so below; as below so above. This is one of the secrets of the universe.

The ancient Greek philosopher Hermes–Thoth inscribed cryptic text onto an Emerald Tablet, thousands of years ago. Today, its translations are still difficult to understand due to its profound meaning. Or, unknown universal origin…

However, once grasped, this prose makes you think twice about your reality as well as your steps toward proactive change.

It’s as above, so below, right?

Needless to say, ancient stargazers followed this wisdom while piecing together the stars. Soon, a mosaic of mythical figures stretched across the skies. They were cast as the heavenly overseers of civilization.

In addition, cartographers drew world maps of these constellating forces. Together the stars, planets and moons cast energy our way, during evolutionary upgrades.



#3. Everything is Alchemy


Firstly we know that right from the get go the universe boomed. Space had a bright idea! Secondly, its atoms were scattered everywhere and continuously create everything in our world.

Simply put, atoms are powerful particles in light, with their own conscious awareness. Elusive yet powerful, a single atom is a complex structure. With ingenuity and insight, they have a role in everything you could possibly think of.

Now, that includes energywork in a spiritual practice.

In addition, there’s five basic elements in nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. And, all of which are made up of atom–based particles. Chemistry is a complexed subject, but alchemically these elements adapt us to changing times. Needless to say, it’s a tall order for Mother Nature even at the best of times.

When you change your mind; it’s atoms that perform a willed intent.

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Here’s a few abstract concepts in energywork.



#4. A Glimpse into Thought–Forms

brain-colorsWill-powered ideas in storytelling have always influenced humanity. Whether silently thought or voiced or written down; mindful energy has a purpose. But more importantly, a cloud-like bubble or shape can also form in the aura. This willful thought is known as a thought–form.

This lively form is full of creative energy from the thinker. Although invisible to the human eye, a sensitive receiver’s intuitive faculties such as clairvoyance, makes it appear during energywork. Long ago, spiritual seers and healers rightfully named it.

Keep in mind, there’s thought-forms around you that may no longer serve you, or are a hinderance for your own spiritual growth.

Now, this is what’s addressed while creating change…

Similarly, all living species on earth have telepathic skills on land, in flight and in the deep blue sea. With messages sent to friends and foe; all are in harmony with nature’s rhythm and its universal gifts.

Our true nature inspires us to create consciously.

There’s no better time than now to evolve our way of thinking.

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#5. What are the Akashic Records?

aura-thought-formThe nature of things, which contain the blueprints of all materialized thoughts, is transcribed into the ethers: It’s called the Akashic Records or the Good Book.

For instance, think of its record-keeping as an all-inclusive yet invisible book or scroll. Thankfully, its existence ensures the survival of our knowledge and wisdom. Supposedly, its data covers all of humanity’s evolutionary cycles.

Now, this also includes your life experiences. Luckily it’s located in a safe place: somewhere over the rainbow in a faraway cloud or deep beneath the ocean’s bedrock. Imagine if your present day data can self-edit for a future outcome.

For example, have you ever experienced past life regression? This practice is popular in energywork to “wipe the slate clean” by addressing Karma.

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Creating Conscious Change

dream-chromotherapyTo sum it up, The Spectrahue Method is beyond memorizing ancient or modern healing methods. This modality can refresh your memory of what is already innate in you.

That is to say, conscious change is inspiring at anytime anywhere. It’s all about remembering who you are as your eternal story unfolds.

You’ve come this far on your spiritual quest. Perhaps it’s time to repurpose your energy into something more attuned with your true nature. We encourage you to investigate, understand, and work with Nature on your discovery process. And, that’s when the time is right for you.

By changing yourself you might change more than you imagined.

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