Shamanism, Alchemy, and Light

The stars align as a healer is born. “The one who knows” is called a shaman, a true master of the mystical arts. Quietly defined as an alchemical genius for understanding the laws of the universe, nature, and light; their knowledge and skill are whisked into the guise of a spiritual wellness practice.

Boomed Holograms

saturn space sceneHowever, we live in a complex multiverse with spaces as large as galaxies and as mysterious as black holes.

Have you ever stopped and wondered is it even possible for us to grasp the immensity of the cosmic storehouse of information we may be able to tap into?

And, is this world we perceive as three-dimensional space really just a holographic light projection on a two-dimensional space that contains infinite possibilities beyond our wildest imagination?

Memory and knowledge must exist everywhere.

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The Word of Words


The term philosophy, based on the Greek philosophia meaning “love of wisdom”, may have been coined by the ancient mathematician Pythagoras.

Natural philosophy encompasses astronomy, medicine, and physics and grounds mystical concepts as we ponder the immensity of the multiverse and our role within it.

Telepathy without Borders

From the core of our being to infinite space, communications beyond the perception of earthly senses occurs in our vast and orderly universe.

Memory and knowledge must also exist everywhere as nature knows the exact chemical and energetic formulae and evolutionary changes necessary for survival.

Within all living beings exists access to higher knowledge for survival.

Nature’s Built-in Technology

Lumalight colour therapy for horses

Successive generations of Monarch butterflies and American goldfinches are guided on journeys of thousands of miles to Mexico by internal GPSs with the latest updates and built-in compasses that surpass those manmade to measure earth’s magnetic field.

Whales, dolphins, and fish also embark on treks. Elaborate colonies of ants and bees have their destinies predetermined before they hatch.

Even the family dog knows when you’re about to come home from vacation. And the cat’s already in hiding before you call the vet for an appointment! Or your horse is whinnying at the fence before you arrive at the stables.

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The Orbiting Thought

color meditation 2

Does all information across time and space impact us even without our conscious awareness? Now, this includes past, present, and future information.

If so, it might help explain phenomena including premonitions, telepathy, psychic abilities, and remote reviewing.

That is to say, these all hone in on energy in pattern-forming realities. For example, mental images or visual forms of saints, angels, guides, totems, spirit animals, alchemical symbols, and geometrical shapes. These experiences foster inner visions in support of particular functions or actions.

Is this evidence of a link to higher consciousness?

Let’s take it one step further…

The Language of Light

spiral stairwellThere’s no doubt, we reside in an ocean of universal energies, where thought images and ideas self-organize and evolve according to advancements in technology as well as free will choices.

This information is recorded in lightwaves.

Brainwave activity changes in induced altered states, such as experienced in shamanism, alchemy, and other mystical practices. Perhaps this state invites a spiral staircase upward in the mind where communication channels similar to a radio can reach other dimensions.

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The Umbrella of Shamanism

All the continents have secret societies and mystical practices that can fit under the wide umbrella of shamanism. As indigenous ancient healing traditions, ways of life, and spiritual practices, shamanism taps into the universal spiritual wisdom of creation rooted in nature.

Similarly, its practices apply this wisdom to strengthen humans’ natural connections.

In certain practices, altered states of consciousness are reached in order to perceive and interact with a higher world to gain knowledge and healing powers.

Their dreams and visions can also convey certain messages.

As a result, this practice of illumination is about our connection to nature, self-healing, community, and spiritual practice. In shamanic practices, color in its various forms, is one path to connect to the higher octaves of vibration.

Spiritual Light Therapy

energy-handThroughout the ages, spiritual light therapy has been a natural way of life and the sun has been worshipped as an all-knowing all-empowering God or Goddess.

In fact, mythology and folklore have recorded many strong, powerful, caring solar deities with magnificent abilities to rule over the earth and provide answers and fulfill wishes in response to prayers.

More than just a powerful personification, It’s surely conceivable that the sun represents consciousness, illuminated!

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We have Breath, Soul, and Courage

Over time, spiritual light therapy has taken on a broader meaning. For example, the English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning breath, soul, courage, or vigor.

And, spirit is what light therapy gives. Light and color sources act as eternal links connecting us to the higher source, the sun. In some ways our heart is like a miniature sun, with its on electromagnetic, communicating field.

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Myths Matter

Equally important, mythical solar deities have been embraced by many cultures worldwide. For example, Apollo was the Greco-Roman god of light, music, and knowledge. And, ancient Romans worshipped Sol.

Naturally the Greeks had Titan, as well as Helios, upon whom sun-centered heliotherapy was based. Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and crafts, possessed solar deity characteristics.

Throughout the ages, most cultures including the Persians, Norse, Slavic, and Mayans had their own mythology and sun god deities.

In addition, incredible kingdoms, infrastructures, sacred pyramidal sites were built to draw in universal powers that may be more advanced than today’s technology. And, these were built above and below ground!

Perhaps their guidance was transmitted by light, including that beyond the visible spectrum. Many secrets and wisdoms of these ancient cultures remain well hidden.

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New Age Movement Arrived

spectrahue-spiritual-reflexology-lightSpiritual access is a birthright which we can all acquire with practice. It can be difficult to distinguish between traditional forms of shamanism and modernized esoteric practices that utilize the term.

In 1875 Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB), a Russian mystic and author, co-founded the Theosophical Society .

HPB’s mystical teachings brought esoteric Buddhism to North America. This launched the New Age movement worldwide, branching off into many sectors under the wider study of spirituality.

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All answers were believed to reside within nature.

Alchemy and Light Therapy

clock-astrologyConsequently, the solar system with its astrological patterns was a basic element of ancient alchemical theory. The alchemical process is based on vibratory patterns (energy) brought into tangible form.

In addition, early alchemists used symbols and shapes in their transformative formulations and these have been incorporated into some chromotherapy practices.

These archetypes are not limited to one- or two-dimensional illustrations on paper, or the natural form in which they were conceived. Actually, they hold memory and intent when called into action with light.

Natural Chromotherapy

There’s a unique color pallet for each of us to select from in painting our personal picture of healing with light. We need to listen to the soul’s whisper echoing in every cell. All the information we need is available to us. We just have to access it.

Cosmology and Knowledge

geometry-cosmosThe ancient Greeks in the Pythagorean time period combined all their knowledge of cosmogony and man into a mathematical theorem.

It’s no wonder, symbolism moves beyond pure chemistry to all kinds of vibratory patterns and is tied into the musical scale, astronomy, and the harmonics of life.

Now, during the Renaissance, Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, alchemist, and astrologer, was one of the first of the medical profession to recognize the importance of having a thorough academic knowledge of natural sciences.

Paracelsus’ hermetical beliefs were that humans and nature had to be in harmony because everything in the universe is interrelated.

Hermetic Philosophy

Hermetic philosophy may have only been symbolic of the theoretical alchemical transmutation of man. A series of secret symbols was said to be capable of making dreams come true.

The Elusive Elixir of Life

The “philosopher’s stone” (elixir of life), if it could be created, was purported to contain the power of mastery over life, nature, and its universal laws.

It was in the 1500s, the myth of Elias Artista was prophesized by Paracelsus based on astronomical calculations. He was said to have been the perfect alchemist and an eternal person because there was nothing in his body to cause him to die.

From thereon, the alchemical movement focused on removing all life energy wasting friction, such as worry, fear, and anxiety.

This is an important step in The Spectrahue Method.

All answers were believed to be found within nature; a living world brought to life by light.

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