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A Visionary Near-Death Experience

At twenty-something, living the typical life of a young woman in the corporate world, I was the last person I’d ever have expected to have her life path veer off for a destined mission. I’d never have dreamed of cruising over the rainbow to another world unless it was on a quest for a real pot of gold.

I hadn’t given much thought to what might be on ‘the other side.”

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My Life Changed Fast

Out of Body ExperienceSuddenly, with barely a warning, a doorway was flung open and I was plunged into a life-changing mystical event. Unbeknownst to me I was being introduced to the initial sensation of entering into a more intense out-of-body experience (OBE).

I now believe that the ‘other side’ can only be accessed through a door in the subconscious mind.

As a child I saw the tooth fairy. To me it was real.

A half century later I still believe it.

Such visions are not dreams but representations

of our immense capacity for inner awareness.

Here’s what happened to me in a blink of an eye….



It was late 1980s

Luminous sunriseFresh spring dew settled on the ground as all my senses were awakened. Trees draped in alluring foliage welcomed new nesters. Lush gardens budded then bloomed into colorful arrays with their alluring aromas and sweet nectar appeal. I usually felt in harmony with Nature’s rhythmic flow for each season.

But my higher self had other plans for me…

A first fainting episode a few weeks earlier, which my doctor concluded as stress-induced, was a precursor to a bigger picture. One which I now call Visionary Near-Death Experience (VNDE).

A lifelong struggle

My chronic neck pain is a constant reminder of that spring day, just before sunrise. One minute I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window at the pre-dawn darkness. Then suddenly I was surrounded by pure white light. As I was quickly passing out, I realized I was beginning to have an out-of-body experience.

“How did I get there?” I wondered…

color meditation 2It dawned on me that I was looking down from above at my body which was laying on the kitchen floor. I knew it was still dark outside and that I’d been making coffee before work.

“Am I alive?” I considered, unsure of anything. I went over what I remembered: I’d been standing by the sink across the room.

A strange feeling had overcome me. I had panicked and bent my knees trying to get to the floor but it was if I’d been thrown all the way across the room against the stove. I’d felt my neck crack on the hard edge of the stove then my head landed on a blessed cushion of a stuffed green garbage bag.

I was twirling into another scene

My mind seemed to suddenly flip a switch and earthly colors no longer existed. I realized I was no longer in my kitchen. Walking down wide uneven stone stairs, I couldn’t stop myself from being pulled towards whatever was awaiting me.

I somehow knew that I was in an ancient dimly lit castle. As I crouched low in the stale air, I peered between the huge bars of the handrail at a terrifying sight to my left. Obviously, I sensed that it was the scene of a horrific demise in a past life.

Overcome with panic, my survival instincts kicked in as I quickly averted my gaze to the right …

There I saw a tall figure, with a long white beard, a wise and scholarly man draped in a dramatic billowing cape. He stood busily rearranging books in a huge archival library with towering shelves. Somehow I knew he was the guardian of these books. Surprised, he looked around and locked his intense eyes with mine. He hastily retrieved a big book from a shelf and flipped it open.

Pointing his finger to a page, he exclaimed …

“It’s inscribed here that you’re not meant to be born for another 300 years. What are you doing here?” He sounded annoyed, as if I’d foiled an important plan. But whose plan?

spiral stairwellMany years later when I heard about the ‘Akashic Records’ (eternal records of all human events) I wondered if they were what had filled his library shelves.

Obviously I stared blankly at him then simply shrugged, not knowing how to respond or even whether I should. I think I got the message… In my disembodied state another strange sensation overcame me as I regained consciousness and went back into my body. I opened my eyes and lifted my head off the garbage bag.

Pains shot down my neck… Not a good start to my day.

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Now, it’s the Year 2022 …

Decades later this experience retains all its clarity. My VNDE was a soul vision. It all makes sense to me now, stepping out of present space-time into another aspect for self-discovery. Told that I was born ‘too early’ makes me wonder if that’s why my unyielding quest in creating The Spectrahue Method, and Lumalight tools may actually be the start of a futuristic healing system.

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The Art of Chromotherapy
lumalight color chakra system

Civilizations throughout the ages, from Atlantean times to the ancient Egyptians, mastered the art of harnessing sunlight’s colors for its medicinal, mystical, and spiritual power.

And I continue to brave this well-traveled path, by trusting my visions and insights. With its challenges, curves, and pitfalls there were ‘aha’ moments, discoveries, successes, and amazing people who held me up when I was about to crash. Yes, there were many of those moments too.

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Thoughts Unfolding with Momentum

Reflecting back, every choice I made and path I took was destined to play out in its exact sequence, just as puzzle pieces eventually fit together, finding their place in revealing the big picture.

The ability of tapping into your visionary capacity may have similar outcomes as publicly described Near-Death Experiences, but with an additional quest or soul’s purpose reminder. Neither otherworldly experience can be proven scientifically. And there’s no spiritual travel kit for when that moment arrives. It’s as if your etheric body, your invisible light body duplicate, takes off over the rainbow, leaving your physical form behind. A one-minute excursion (Earth time) might seem like an eternity during your ‘out of body’ time travel.

In 2023, Julianne’s writing instruments made way for creative portrait drawings of her own mystical history.

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Looking Back in Time

Adventures of Maximojo (2)In the autumn 1996 I had the first of many visions that beckoned me to explore the language of light and its powerful rays. Then, sacred geometries with their symbolic meanings were revealed to me. At the same time, Maxi, a Bichon puppy joined me on my journey. He was funny and smart, my confidant and spiritual guide. But that’s another story.

A Friend for Eternity

In remembrance of his legacy I wrote: The Adventures of Maximojo: A Warp in Time to heal others through the stories of his space travels and friends.

The story’s about finding your “mojo”, your true purpose in life. I believe Maxi or “Maximojo” still oversees my work to this day. He sometimes visits me in my dreams.

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Aspects of Altered States

Perhaps VNDE’s are an altered state of consciousness, a heightened awareness and viewing of other dimensions within and beyond our auric fields. To intentionally be open to experiencing ‘seeing’ or ‘visions’ takes practice and perseverance. As with any skill that must be mastered, it;s challenging.  Perception is a finely-tuned sensory apparatus.

During visionary meditative practice, OBEs may include:

  • Colors more vivid and bright than our earthly palette.
  • Emotions and all senses, including intuition, heightened.
  • Encounters with other living beings that feel familiar to you.
  • Metaphoric messages received from interesting life forms.
  • Instinctively knowing that you are far from home, on a quest.
  • Sense of trust as you explore unknown landscapes.
Visionary Experiences

aura-thought-formThroughout history, visions of prophetic messages received during certain meditative states were common. “It’s thunderous voice spoke to me,” was a description in old texts. Some say it’s an auditory hallucination, others profoundly believe it’s their Higher Self, Angelic Realms, or Source.

In addition, reception in the airwaves was uncluttered in earlier times. For example, it was without static interference from WiFi, radio, or microwave.

As well, accessing higher realms or universal consciousness still is possible once you navigate your mind through this crowded matrix of signals.

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It’s Mind Over Matter

Ripples a Novel coverShamanic journeying, rebirthing techniques, past life regression and energy work are used for healing, soul revival, and discovering life’s mysteries. Consider color light surfing into higher realms of your consciousness as your guiding light too.

Now, it’s your turn…

To explore, your own visionary quest into higher consciousness, join a virtual class, using Lumalight and third-eye wisdom. We all have a story as we’re all in this together.

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Is this Journey a Living Myth?

Nature ebbs and flows through each season unraveling our story. Plants shrug off their last leaf and wilt inward as trees let down their façade. In the cool air, foliage crumples into muted browns under gray skies, prepared to rest, knowing there’s a mastermind puzzle behind every life story.

Explore the mystical aspects of light.

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