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Color Light Rejuvenation

The moonlit midnight skies fade away when the sun rises on the horizon and our world becomes drenched in color! The beauty of nature radiates in rich colorful hues that stimulate our senses and peaks our curiosity. Throughout the ages, scientists and scholars have studied the psychological effects and therapeutic aspects of color and light…

spectrahue colour therapy rainbow journey

Light in time – a journey through the rainbow

Sunlight awakens nature, brilliantly bringing it to life. Have you wondered why flora and fauna display certain colors in their species’ patterns? Who isn’t dazzled by the brilliant iridescence of a peacock feather or a butterfly’s shimmering wings? Their microscopic crystal structures selectively filter and reflect light. Everything in nature has specific colors for reasons…

lumalight chromotherapy sound therapy

Sounding the Light

Lumalight and Sound Therapy is the fifth book in the Golden Light Series of educational materials in The Spectrahue Method™. If you are interested in enriching your vibrational and sound therapy practice with color’s energy, then this compact guide is for you. Learn the dynamics of combining color light with geometrical shapes. Discover the power of your own…

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