Spectrahue Universal Deck

Inspirational Creative Tool


Get ready to awaken your senses

These wondrous oracles are for anyone who has a desire to become a universal discoverer. This color light and sacred geometry card deck was created for the seeker who wants to understand the messages carried in light. And of course, to guide Lumalight users to create custom techniques while deepening their skills. Each person is unique and so is their need in a Lumalight session. Let the cards support you in your choices.

Ready to explore geometrical shapes that creates structure in our universe, influencing every thought and action?

  • This card deck is a mind-strengthening tool, reflective of most Lumalight colors and shapes
  • The images on the cards can exercise your intuition, as it offers insight and wisdom
  • Card casts will show you a priority color filter and geometry insert pairings, a guiding light for Lumalight use

The deck was designed to strengthen intuition and inspire creativity during Lumalight use

lumalight-color-wheel-spectrahueColors and shapes come to life

The cards become alive in a trained hand––the chosen cards have a story to tell or suggested application. This deck was created through a compilation of over 25 years of research and discoveries of spiritual phenomena and the use of colored light as a mystical form of energywork. Julianne’s unique perspective in illustrating the 54 card deck is based on a spiritual, underlying meaning of the components in the Lumalight System.

And now, card readers and spiritualists worldwide are drawn to these mysterious oracles so they can discover the mysteries of color light, sacred geometry and its relationship to thoughts and actions.

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Expand insights, gain confidence, trust intuition

This deck contains:

22 Structure Cards

Illustrated with geometric shapes to embrace the essence of the Major Arcana Cards in a Tarot deck system, symbolizing the 22 paths on the “Tree of Life.”

32 Creation Cards

Illustrated in vivid color and categorized into eight dimensions. Each dimension (stages of development) contains four colors and each color holds the essence of one of the following elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Comprehensive guide book in English (Spanish version available upon request.)

(06/2022) Included in Lumalight packages, order separately by phone

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.