Color Therapy for our Furry Friends

Animals enable us to look more closely at ourselves. They mirror our emotions and give us the pure unconditional love we long for. Dogs in particular are very attuned to our emotional states and often suffer in silence because of our own unresolved issues.

Our furry and feathered friends love colored light therapy.

Lucy Loves Green Light!

color therapy healing light for dogsThe emotional state of all living creatures is “energy” in motion. These feelings reside within the auras around animals, as well as humans, and influence every thought and action we may have. This continues until they begin to impede the natural flow of energy that runs through our meridian system.

Color is Energy

Animals communicate to each other and us through a method of telepathy in which they send pictures of what they are saying. Think of their “words” as waves of color energy slowed down to create an image. The use of color light therapy can help our four- legged friends release the pressures and turmoil that impact them from our own busy lives.

Color is energy, which is carried in light. Introducing various shades of the spectrum into the aura over acupuncture points may put the animal into a calm and relaxed state and allow healing to begin. This energy-based modality is also described as chromotherapy or color harmonics, and goes beyond addressing the physical condition of a dog. Regardless of the language barrier, we can reach our dogs through light, which delivers their thoughts and desires to us in a subliminal way.

The visible light spectrum includes all of nature’s shades and hues but there are also millions of invisible colors that can be perceived by our inner sight. Once colors enter our aura, they are absorbed, processed and responded to, all without our conscious awareness. Light helps to link our inner and outer worlds, and it’s through this unique language that we are all able to receive color at a biological level.

Light is Essential to Well Being

color nature fieldStudies have shown that light is an essential ingredient for a healthy metabolism in all living creatures. Medical and holistic communities worldwide have researched the psychological and therapeutic aspects of individual colors, and successful clinical studies have shown reduced pain and emotional stress in patients. Used with other holistic, integrative and conventional therapies, chromotherapy supports one’s ability to self-heal, self-maintain and repair imbalances.

Applications of color over acupuncture points and reflex zones can gently bring painful recollections to the surface, allowing us to clear them from within. This results in a reduction of internal clutter and helps us become centered to move more freely.

You can use color harmonics to support the many stages of a dog’s life, from birth and youth to adulthood and his last years.


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