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Creating Conscious Change

Together, let’s make this an illuminating feat!

mystical bookMaestro, please… A thunderous echo rippled far and wide as the sun burst in. Living colors splashed everywhere. By nature, entire civilizations with its own complex history, made their presence known through architecture, art, and storytelling. This symphony of light and sound will always captivate human imagination. It’s a part of us.

Ever wondered why fables, parables, folklores intrigue us?

Certain light-filled words are ageless wisdom, heartfelt lessons.

A universal language called light

We are first and foremost beings of light, with an intricate energy system that moves us. Our emotions are full of light’s energy called Qi or Chi. Its invisible flow circulates throughout our meridians and chakras.

zodiac 4Throughout the ages, alphabets and hieroglyphs acted as shapely conduits for this energy to whistle through, declaring thought–full meaning. Prophets, messengers, and soothsayers spoke of their heavenly visions. They were telepathic communicators, meaning their mind served as a receiving device alongside verbal and written skills.

Today, all species communicate with their telepathic skills and sonic radar on land, in flight and in the deep blue sea. With clear messages sent to friends and foe, they’re in beat with nature’s rhythm.

It’s time to claim back your own extrasensory gifts.

Atoms’ mind–over­–matter

Since it first boomed, the universe’s rumblings have been scattering their atom particles all over the place. Being the building blocks of earthly matter, evolution emerged creatively under the sun. Glistening bright, exquisitely shaped crystals and gems, or a rainforest’s waterfall continues to intrigue and amaze our curiosity! All of nature’s treasures are attuned to earth’s resonance.

And, we are all a part of the nature of things.

That sounds like a tall order for Mother Nature

element tableElusive yet powerful, a single atom is a complex structure. Atoms have a consciousness that’s all–knowing. Adapting to change, they are universal creators around here. Each exhibits alchemical powers that are either concealed or revealed to us on their schedule.

In fact, they make up all the elements in the periodic table, which contributes to everything in this world, including the environment and human life.

Atoms support the basics for life: air, water, food, and light energy

“I tread daringly through life, with my heartfelt dreams under the stars.
It’s a whole new world, I say aloud, fumbling to initiate an update, as new possibilities twinkle into awareness, one light at a time…” – me

The written world

philosopher“As above, so below, as within, so without” is hermetic text written thousands of years ago. It’s a story unto itself that makes you think about life. It was carved into an emerald tablet. It was more than a catch phrase. I believe it was a mystical transmission from the wisdom of the stars. Perhaps it was hinting at light’s reflective quality upon the chakras, within our energy system.

Profound prose from philosophical minds – including alchemists, architects, aristocrats – leave an indelible impression upon us by their artistic ingenuity (or channeled prophecies!). Their indelible pen, brush, or tool strokes advanced present day culture, science, and technology. Spiritually guided, their energy leaves its footprints for future civilizations. Each step left an impression upon earth as it exuded a living energy onto its trail. Even tracing the roots of your own ancestry can pluck at a few heart strings as you resonant with a energy cord of time past.

Is this why we reenact, replay, reread the classics over and over?

Mathematics underlies knowledge

dream-chromotherapySince the idea of time became instilled in us, ancient stargazers had connected these sparkling dots into mythical influential forces, as cartographers drew world maps, with the constellations’ luminous help.

These stars spotlighted energy upon your life’s path, translated by astrologers who study its math, and transposed them into a horoscope—a subjective forecast of the future.

Numbers connect the star-studded doorways of the heavens.

Now, mathematics is a vast science essential in astronomy, engineering, and medicine, for example. Most notable shapes that form everything imaginable are based on geometry, mathematical formulas, equations. This theory applies to energy work as well with your hands–of­–light maestro moves!

“Oh, my cosmic stars!” you might wonder, as it flashed to mind like a shooting star….

You might ask, where am I going with this, given this a type of color therapy and sacred geometry website?

Earthly things matter

Let your mind’s buoyancy feel attuned to the constellating stars above. You’ve come this far on your spiritual quest. Perhaps you’ve reached a peace-of-mind plateau in your now de–cluttered space called home, pegged snugly onto the grid: These are intricate electrical meshes that host more than just cellular technology.

We also have our own grid network, albeit concealed from the naked eye. It is part of the aura. Briefly, the aura is a highly sensitive energy field of information pertaining to you. It’s an incredible communication system that supports your life journey around here. It can receive, process, and transmit data from everywhere you can imagine.

The aura is integrated with what we call the mind; the holding place of your memories; good and bad, from the past or ancestral lineage too. A recollection may surface by a resonant energy; meaning a similar feeling. You may have attuned to a fleeting thought out of nowhere. But, this memory may no longer serve you.

Ready for auric–housekeeping?

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeThe Spectrahue Method is not a memorizing process of writings on ancient healing methods. Our educational materials are designed to refresh your cellular memory of what is already innate in you. We also encourage you to investigate, understand, and work with Nature during your own spiritual quest, by discovering a mysterious secret of a honeybee, flower, or tree, for example.

And, all strive for harmony in a yin yang (balance scale) world.

I’ve read that Einstein alluded to the fact that we only know 1/1000th of 1% of what Nature wants to reveal to us. Nature’s exposés happen on its own schedule, with alchemical creations.

It’s light in action!

Learn about Spiritual Light Therapy

Calling all lightworkers

lumalight color healing experience sessionConscious change techniques are not only about protocols with secret formulas, or recipes with dazzling powers. You are the key ingredient, or manifesting alchemist, attuning to universal principles. Heartfelt guidance and focused will power come into play here.

Each Lumalight or hands-of-light move guides, directs, re–circulates, re-purposes living energies. By pairing color and sacred shapes, you are a geometer creating a living–color masterpiece in the aura.

Qi energy–influencer tips:

  • Welcome light–generating change
  • Visualize connecting the dots of celestial energy
  • See star studded shapes as pattern-forming information
  • Witness your light moves connecting, correcting, shifting, transforming
    – energy wisdom calling for attention
  • Probe into your light shapes for direction (triangles, squares, circles, stars)
  • Free-flow your moves as a great mathematician!
    – a master of universal star wisdom

Process, integrate, adapt

Lumalight color therapy for dogs with green light

Your session may also reveal an aspect of physical and emotional healing afterward. Perhaps, you’ve changed more than you could have imagined in the energy dynamics of an individual or a furry or feathered friend.

Hold the intention that you succeeded at addressing the highest priority calling in the moment. Not every change that occurs may be observable with your physical senses, but the energetic changes can continue to unfold after the session.

Creating conscious change

Now take a moment to envision a starlit night, twinkling with celestial guidance. Attuned to the stars, through the consciousness of the atom. You can create conscious change globally, by your enlightened thoughts, as we are all interconnected, and interdependent within Nature.

What’s the buzz about atom consciousness?

Atom ConsciousnessThat’s part of our higher learning series, which is original content, cosmic, and virtual, created to uplift your awareness within the energies of universal wisdom. It’s heavenly! The aim is to harness the energetic pieces of the puzzle (geometrized colors) that make up our own and collective thoughts.

I’m mesmerized by the mystery of light, sacred geometry, and its applications. To me, creating conscious change also includes simplifying color therapy techniques too. In 1810, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe published, Theories of Colour. He excluded words about wavelengths or frequencies of light, for he had a different view than Isaac Newton about the color spectrum. I resonant with his views on color theory as his discoveries influenced my work.

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